février 17, 2022

Here at DEMI+CO, we are passionate about wall décor and love to come up with new and bright ideas of how to incorporate it into room designs. There are constantly new home trends to get involved with which we love researching into to give you the best advice on perfect wall décor and organisation ideas. A home should feel warm and inviting and we want to help you find a perfect, beautiful design for your space to be lived in the way you will enjoy it. Every home is unique and wall art certainly helps to give your home a bit of character and a quirky touch.


Looking to re-decorate your child’s bedroom or decorate it for the first time? Look no further than this blog post! We know that decorating your kid’s bedroom can be quite a daunting challenge and it is a room that wants to be loved for many years to come, so we want to help you find the best inspiration to move forwards with. We have a beautiful range of gender-neutral posters to fill the walls of your kid’s bedroom and give that perfect extra touch to make it their own. We have put this blog post together to give you some tips and advice on how to organise, decorate and accessorize your kid’s bedroom, whilst showing you a wide variety of the kid’s room art we have to offer.


We do anything from A5 to A1 sized posters, as well as digital prints that can be sent to you via download. Most of our prints are printed in home so you can ensure that they are being taken care of in the best capable hands possible. We hope that you enjoy this blog post and are able to take inspiration from our top tips and ideas, whilst also finding the perfect piece of colourful or cute wall art to go up in your kid’s bedroom.


Born to be wild

Add a chic touch to any room with printable wall art and art posters, whether it’s for your living room or hallway. Wall decals for your kid’s bedroom will ensure that it has been decorated to its full potential. Colourful wall art like this adds a unique look to your kid’s bedroom and brings a homely essence to it.

 kids wall art


A lot of people are now turning to gender-neutral designs for kid’s bedrooms. The best way to do this is by painting the walls a gender-neutral colour such as a light grey, cream or white. Whilst grey can be considered a dull colour, it is easy to decorate with beautiful pieces of wall décor and colourful furniture to ensure a beautiful gender-neutral bedroom. Whether you want to go with paint or wallpaper, you will have to make sure you avoid blue and pink. Whilst they are beautiful colours, whether you paint your son’s room pink or your daughter’s room blue, people will automatically stereotype as blue being for boys and pink being for girls. You could also use a patterned wallpaper to decorate the walls if you’d rather go against having one simple colour.


Coolest kid around

Printed on to heavy-weight media using fade resistant inks, this kids wall décor will fit perfectly into your gender-neutral kid’s bedroom, adding a bit of colour to the room as a whole and brightening it up with fun artwork! Creative and inspiring pieces of art and quotations like this add a touch of sparkle to your home.

 kids room wall art

Storage benches

Looking to declutter your child’s bedroom and don’t know where to put everything? Think about adding storage benches to your kid’s bedroom! Having built-in benches with drawers to serve all your extra storage spacing needs, whether you use yours to stow away bags, shoes, or other toys, will come in handy throughout the years. Not only is it a great way to store your child’s many toys and school resources, but having a bench added to the storage space is a great feature for the room, allowing your child and their friends to have a place to sit whilst they play.


Lewis Hamilton - For all the kids out there, who dream the impossible. You can do it too man, I believe in you guys

Inspiration can take many forms and on this occasion, it was Lewis Hamilton winning his 7th F1 World Championship. Whilst crossing the winning line in his Mercedes, Hamilton spoke from his heart to the younger generation: ‘For all the kids out there, who dream the impossible. You can do it too man, I believe in you guys.’ We had to create a special wall art print to mark this moment. 

 kids room wall art

Be colourful

Having your storage baskets, shelves, furniture, or room accessories in a bright colour not only brings light to the room, but also stops your storage from looking plain, and instead allows it to look like décor. Beautiful colours such as yellows, pinks, and blues are a great addition to any room and bring a sense of joy to the environment.


Dream of puppies, rainbows and doughnuts

Bare walls? Browse through our wall art prints featuring motivational quotes like this for a perfect piece of  nursery wall décor, if you are going for a gender-neutral room. The colours amongst the wording on the poster adds colour to the room, as well as bringing in a childish essence for your child to enjoy. You can also feel comforted knowing that with a poster like this, you are always leaving your child with your wishes for good dreams throughout the night.

baby room wall art 

Turn it into a game

Want to make your child’s bedroom neat and tidy, but they don’t want to put in the work? Why don’t you turn it into a game? Make decluttering fun for your kids by making it feel like play. For example, you could turn it into a game of hide and seek. Get your child to close their eyes and count to ten. In that time, you have to put away as many items as you can in their correct homes. Then switch. Allow your child to have a bit of fun and feel like they’re playing whilst clearing up the mess, and before you know it, their room will be spotless! This can then reinforce your child to think that cleaning and tidying up is fun as they remember how much fun they had the last time they did it.


Joy to the world

Hanging this kid’s bedroom wall art will be the perfect little touch. Not only does it add some colour, but it also perfectly describes your child: your own bundle of joy. Take a look at some of our other family wall art and find some inspiration for décor around your kid’s bedroom. Whether you want a large wall art, a digital download, or poster quotes, we have so many to choose from.

family wall art 

Bunkbeds are a dream come true

What kid doesn’t love a bunkbed? And you can love them too, because they create so much space for your child’s bedroom! You can do so much with the space under a bunkbed, such as putting in storage boxes, a desk, a small wardrobe or drawers, fluffy cushions and a fluffy rug to bring comfort to the space. This frees up so much more floor space in the room and allows your child a play area if they have a small bedroom that would be drowned in an instant with a desk, wardrobe, or storage boxes!


First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything

Add a chic touch to any room with this printable wall art and art posters, perfect for your kid’s bedroom to show them your love. A canvas which fully encompasses your loving family; this is the perfect family wall art to add colour to your child’s bedroom.

 nursery wall art

Space under the bed

Want to go for the idea of utilising the space under a bed but don’t want to invest in a bunkbed? That’s perfectly fine! You can add small baskets and boxes under your child’s bed to store their toys and resources. Unintentionally adding warmth to the room, baskets and boxes under the bed can just slide out with ease when your child wants to get something from them, and they keep the floor space free! Better yet: perhaps having under the bed filled with storage, your child won’t get scared of a monster under the bed!


I love you

Frame this family quote print and put it up in your kid’s bedroom so that your child is reminded every day that they are loved. With a simplistic design, just the words printed on the canvas are enough to get your message across.

 family wall decor

Valuable wardrobe space

A wardrobe doesn’t necessarily just have to be for clothes! You can fit a shelf at the top to slide storage boxes into, or keep your child’s shoes, toys and storage in that gap under their clothes on the floor of the wardrobe. It’s easy to do whilst your child is still small and doesn’t need the space for long pieces of clothing! Not only does this keep clutter out of sight, but it also saves you having to invest in more shelving.



Simple family wall art like this can create a brighter, pleasing appearance for your kid’s bedroom, and it fits perfectly within the theme of a bedroom. You can wish your child good “dreams” with this poster, without you even being in the room and create a lovely sense of warmth.

 baby wall decor

Cubbies work beautifully

Storage cubbies are great for stacking on top of each other to free up extra floor space. Not only do they create space for your child to roam about their room, but they are also perfect for separating toys from schoolwork. You can place cubbies by the side of your child’s bed in replacement of a bedside table, or by their door so that they can drop their school bag and books neatly when they enter their room.


Letters A through to Z in clean large type face

A great way to enhance your child’s skills and knowledge is to have this kid’s bedroom alphabet print up in the room from the beginning of your child’s life. With a daily look at the alphabet along with the patterns and shapes within the room, your child will grow up to be a genius in no time!

 colourful wall art

Unique shelving

You don’t want your kid’s bedroom to look plain and boring, so make sure to look for interesting shelving designs. Fun pieces add a little bit of interest to the storage area of your child’s bedroom, whilst also adding uniquity and character. Let your child pick out the perfect shelving for them to make sure their room really does feel like their own and exhibits their beautiful personality.


We hold our babies hands for a short while but their hearts forever

This simple kid’s bedroom print would be a great way to decorate your child’s new bedroom walls. Not only will the colour stand out from your walls, but the quote fits perfectly within your family’s home.

nursery prints 

We hope this blog post was valuable and gave you a bit of inspiration for your kid’s bedroom! We love wall art and think it is a beautiful feature to add to your walls to create a homely, fun environment for your child. We are obsessed with our wide range of wall décor and would love for you to take a look at the variety we have to offer! Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, kid’s bedroom, a nursery, or to liven up your own room, we have multiple options of family wall prints to offer you.


If you have any queries at all, about our wall décor, advice on decorating, your order, or a general question, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media. Customer service is a high priority for us and as a family run business, we take pride in viewing our customers as part of the family. We ensure that we get back to you as soon as possible and treat you with the utmost respect and care.


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