August 06, 2021

Whether you live in a small flat, studio apartment or your home has a small living room, you may be looking for ideas on how you can make the most out of your living space. When it comes to time in our homes, many people spend the most amount of time in the living room, so it is important to create a relaxing space that you will love.

It obviously depends on your own style and tastes as to how you want your living room to look, but we at DEMI+CO are here to give you a few ideas on how to design and decorate your space, to make sure you make the most out of the small space you have. Read on to find our top tips on how you can plan to have the perfect living room for your needs, complete with plenty of ideas of different artwork for living room that you can incorporate to beautify your space.


Home Sweet Home

No home is complete without a ‘Home sweet home’ family wall art. The calming colour palette of this print makes it a perfect addition to your relaxing space and looks great as living room art. Add a pop of colour to your walls with this fabulous living room wall décor.

living room wall art

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Plan your space

When designing your living room it is important to plan your space to get the most out of your area. Think about what you want to be using your living room for. If you are a movie buff, maybe you want storage for your huge, impressive DVD collection. If you are more of a book lover, you might want to incorporate a cosy reading nook so you can wind down after a long day and curl up with your favourite story.

It is important to think about what ‘living room’ means to you and get a bit of a plan as to what you want to include here. This could be the same if you are a busy mum who needs to add a small play area and toy box for the little ones in the living room, or if they are a little more grown-up, why not create a space to play board games as a family? The ideas really are endless and you can find plenty of inspiration on apps like Pinterest – so, get planning!


It’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters

Now you have planned your perfect family friendly living room out, you need to decorate the walls with some family quote prints! This beautiful, heartfelt quote really injects a bit of love into your lounge area. Make your house feel like a home with some stunning family wall décor.

living room posters

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Maximise your space

There are plenty of tricks you can use to make you small space seem a lot bigger. Hanging ornate mirrors can create the illusion of a larger room, as does painting your room in bright and light colours, while dark colours can make your room feel more closed in and smaller. Choosing a palette is crucial when maximising your space to its full potential. Why not try adding lots of plants and greenery? Nature creates the illusion of bringing the outside, in and makes your living room feel much more spacious.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, it means no worries. This stunning living room wall art would look perfect in a natural inspired living space. This would look amazing paired with tropical prints in colours that compliment the print and will help the quote stand out. These are perfect inspirational quotes wall art to ensure you have a hakuna matata mindset every single day.

inspiring prints

Make your ceilings appear higher

If your room has low ceilings that make the room feel squashed, why not open up your room by hanging wallpaper with vertical stripes? This works the same way as vertical striped clothing making you appear taller, the optical illusion of vertical striped wallpaper makes ceilings appear higher and your lounge appearing roomier. Create a feature wall of vertical stripes, or go the whole way with stripes all around the room. It will look fabulous either way!


These gorgeous living room posters will look bold and beautiful against your striped walls. You could print these stylish printables yourself, to a big size and frame to create some stunning large wall art for living room. These quirky modern prints will add the wow factor to your space.

wall art for hall

Maximise your storage space

Whether your room is an odd shape or you have some things to store away, planning your storage space is important. There are many areas of our sitting rooms that we take for granted and by adding a simple bookcase behind the sofa or shelves above the doorways, you can create plenty more storage for all of your valuables. There are plenty of unusual storage options you could consider too – if you are a keen cyclist and your bike is your pride and glory, why not get a bike shelf to hang your bicycle on the wall when it is not in use? This will not only give you an amazing storage solution, it will also create an interest feature to your living room.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful

The stunningly simple inspirational wall art would look beautiful displayed on your living room walls. If you find yourself with plenty of wall space, you could choose a few inspiring prints that compliment each other and your space, to hang together. This will create a showstopping focal point in your lounge area.

family quote wall art

Be inspired by France!

Parisians famously have small apartments, and they make the most of every inch of space they do have. To achieve a relaxed French look, choose the bare essentials when it comes to furniture. This could be a sofa for relaxing on and a table for eating at and working at. Then choose some fabulously French accessories to create a glamourous small space. Why not choose a crystal chandelier or some fun France inspired modern art prints?

Le Noir

This oh so chic modern black and white art would fit perfectly with a sleek and stylish French inspired living room. Turn your lounge into a haven with some pretty inspirational prints and have your guests saying ‘oui oui’ when they visit your très chic living space.

minimalist art prints

Create your own media centre or music station

By using floating shelves, wall mounts or modern cabinets, you can create your own media centre and free up floor space in your living room. Even in the smallest of living rooms it is possible to create your own movie hangout and fill it with inspirational wall quotes from your favourite films. If you are less of a movie fan and much prefer to dust off your records, you could display your record player for all to see and store your record collection in floating box shelves to create an interesting and fun environment to chill out in while you listen to your favourite bands.

All you need is love

This family quotes wall art features the lyrics made famous by The Beatles. This would look fantastic displayed in a music lover’s home. You can even brighten up on of these living room prints by framing it with a fun and unique colourful picture frame.

living room posters

Decorate with your favourite objects

Inject personality into your living room by displaying your favourite objects and choosing decorations that compliment your personality. Just because you are working with a small space, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice having all of your favourite things on show. By having colourful and interesting artifacts on show, it helps to distract the eye away from the small space and keeps things interesting. We love the idea of framing your child’s artwork and creating a feature wall with their art, tickets from concerts you have been to and some modern wall art for living room. This will really get your guests talking, and your children will love designing their pieces for the family gallery.


Bring family right to the centre of your living space with these inspirational quote prints. This would look right at home on a gallery wall surrounding by photos of your family holidays and children’s school pictures. Fill your home with love by surrounding yourself with the people that make you happiest.

family wall art

Go for minimalist and modern style

Decluttering your space is a sure way to make your room appear bigger. If you are the type of person who prefers to remove all unnecessary decorations and accessories, you will know that having a decluttered space can make you feel more peaceful, relaxed and happy. By removing all unnecessary clutter you can make your room feel spacious and airy. The perfect place to wind down after a busy day, all you need is a comfy chair and maybe a candle and you feel like your space is complete.

Your organised space will be the envy of all of your friends, and it is much, much easier to keep the place tidy if you don’t own anything to clutter it with in the first place!


If you are looking for something simple to compliment your minimally decorated space, you can’t go wrong with one of our minimalist art prints. This one is gorgeous to the eye and would look magnificent in a monochrome, minimalist sitting room. There really are wall prints for living room out there to suit you, no matter your taste.

modern black and white prints

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Make sure your living room boasts of plenty of light

Natural light is obviously the winner here. Large windows are the dream, however not all small spaces have this luxury. You can create the illusion of a light, bright room by combining different lighting options. If there is a dark corner, why not hang a wall lamp to light it up? Stylish floor lamps are also a super easy way to light up even the darkest of rooms, while doubling up as perfect mood lighting for those cosy nights in.

If you do have the pleasure of having big, tall windows, then make the most out of the natural light they let in and keep your blinds wide open throughout the day. This will create an airy space during daylight hours, which you can switch to a comfy, cosy snug in the evening.

Only do what your heart tells you

This elegant inspirational wall quote is looks wonderful displayed in a living room and stays as a motivational reminder to you every day, to only do what your heart tells you to. We couldn’t think of a nicer quote to display in your living space.

wall prints for living room

When it comes to choosing how you style your living room, it really depends on your personal tastes. Maybe not all of these tips apply to you, but it is about finding what works best for you, your lifestyle and the people you live with. A living room can often be the centre of the house and where we spend the most time, make sure yours is one that you can be proud of and one that makes you feel happy to be home. Regardless of whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist, a film lover or an avid reader, you can design the perfect layout for you, to make the most out of your small space.

We hope that you found this blog post insightful and that it has given you some useful tips on how to decorate your living room. We love home design, which is reflected in our beautiful range of prints. If you do have any further questions about our homeware range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on social media or send us an email and we will be more than happy to help with your queries.  

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