October 23, 2020

We are extremely excited about our new range of art prints that are downloadable to print for frames or produced on to canvas. We at DEMI+CO have always been passionate about beautiful things be it jewellery or art and both seem to go so well. Not only that but as a team we are all passionate about homewares and interiors and can’t wait to introduce new pieces and new lines into the collection.

Before we decided to create art prints online, we did a great deal of research into this area. We wanted to give our customers something that was unique but still popular with our range of fans. We also wanted to ensure that our customers would be interested in buying art prints, so we do what we do best we ran some polls and asked a few questions, and we had a very positive response! The next step for us was to work along side a reputable, experienced and talented artist that had a fresh take on classic images. That’s when we came across Hamish, when we met him – over zoom we just got on straight away and it didn’t take us long to decide on working with him.

All our artwork is created by Hamish, Scottish by name and Scottish by nature Hamish has been in the arts world creating artwork for over 10 years. Having travelled the world creating bespoke commissions he is now based in his Highland home doing what he loves best creating beautiful artwork inspired by nature and pop-cultured using his signature contemporary art style.

Before we go in to detail about our product range of wall art prints and wall printables we wanted to give our customers and followers an in depth understanding of how our downloadable art works. We have already had a few questions from customers and we are also detailing our step by step process through the questions and answers below to hopefully help our customers. If there are any questions you feel we havent covered or have a query, please do get in touch. We are always incredibly happy to help.


Where can I get wall prints?

You can get wall prints from a number of shops in person or online, we here at DEMI+CO have an extensive range of prints for walls and wall printables, poster quotes, animal wall art and so much more. All our wall prints are downloadable and sent to you by email and can be printed out by you on to paper or canvas as many times as needed.


Why are art prints so expensive?

Prior to digital art fine art prints were made in limited editions, this is so that each individual work would retain its value over time. The more time and the more rarer the artwork the more expensive it is. 


Do artists sign their prints?

Many artists do sign their prints, but it does depend on the art work, the artist and their style or signature. Traditionally artists were always known to sign their prints however with online wall art and digital wall prints artist signatures seems to vary.


Highland Cow 02

Lounging Highland cow is a visually artistic black and white wall art to add to your collection. This Highland cow print is one of our most popular choices and is perfect addition to any home. This animal wall art would make a great addition to an office, as bedroom wall art or even as a gift for family or friends.


highland cow print


Which printer is better Inkjet or Laser?

According to Forbes: Inkjet printers are better at printing photos and color documents, and while there are colour laser printers, they're more expensive. Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers don't use ink. Instead, they use toner — which lasts much longer. The trade-off is that laser printers are generally more expensive.


How much should digital art cost?

This depends on the art, the artist, the time it has taken for the artwork to be made. It really is up to the brand and the artist too. Best to check out similar artists and brands and see which one you like, see if it is a reputable brand and if it has good customer reviews.


What size does the downloadable print come in?

The downloaded file will be placed onto an A4 page. The page can then be scaled up down (made bigger or smaller) in order to fit a small page like A5, or large page like A2.


How big can I make my wall prints?

The great thing about our art for home is that you can make the final print as large or as small you wish. The file type we send you is a PDF which doesn’t lose any quality when scaled up or down.


Can I make my art print smaller to go in a smaller frame?

You can make your printable wall art smaller to fit a smaller frame our prints are super flexible and can fit a wide range of sizes.


What paper can I print my art print on to?

You can print your wall art prints or your modern art prints on to any white paper. The best paper to go for ideally is 200gsm matt finish which gives your wall printables a good quality thickness making it better for quality and longevity.


What paper is good for art prints?

The best paper to use for artwork prints is at least 200gsm white paper and ideally with a matt finish to showcase the print to its best quality. Another thing to bear in mind is that it is best to use laser paper for laser printers and inkjet paper for inkjet printers

Love 05

Everyone needs a love poster in their home and this flamboyant and showy black and white print is the picture-perfect option. This word art print is a very feminine and glamourous, it would be the ideal finishing touch for a bedroom or as living room wall art.  

love poster


Do I need a special printer to print my art poster on to?

You can print your modern art prints with any home printer, but a little tip for you is that you need to ensure the printer has been set to print at best quality. Also ensure the toner or ink is plentiful and the print heads (ink jet) or drums (laser printer) are free from debris, smudges and scuffs. The best thing to do is check all of that before loading the paper and pressing print.


What frame can I get to put my art print on to? Can I use any frame?

Of course, you can frame your beloved modern prints and yes you can use any frame. Some frames even have white borders around the print which look aesthetically pleasing but you can choose whichever frame you wish.


Can I get my print on to a canvas?

You can print your modern wall art on to canvas, you can either look online or if you know of a printer that prints on to canvas contact them for prices, sizes and turnaround times. Once you have decided that all you have to do is email across your PDF and they should do the rest.


What size canvas can I get it printed on to?

You can get your wall art painting or poster quotes on to any canvas. Most online canvas print suppliers now allow you to reposition the image onto the canvas so you can get a preview of the finished canvas.


How do I transfer digital art to canvas?

You can transfer digital art to canvas by doing what was mentioned in the previous answer and that is find an online canvas print supplier and they now allow you to upload images and documents and then you can reposition the image on to the canvas and get a feel for what the finished canvas will look like.


What size is best to get a quality print of art?

Any size you really want, as we are supplying a hi-resolution file (large image file) you can have any size print you want. You can even scale the image up x10 and it will still look perfect!


How do you clean art prints if it gets dirty?

The best way to clean art prints if they get dirty is to not clean them. Generally, art prints should be protected by a layer of glass or clear acrylic when displayed in a frame. It is not advisable to try and clean art prints especially on premium paper. Once your wall art has been printed immediately place into a frame or in a protected sleeve or envelope until you place it into a frame.


What type of art prints online can I choose from?

There are so many modern wall art pieces to choose from online from animal prints for wall, nursery wall art to poster quotes and motivational wall prints. We at DEMI+CO have a wide selection of wall printables to choose from.


Do you do motivational quotes as prints?

We do have a range of motivational quotes as prints. You can find the range here and if you don’t see a quote that appeals to you get in touch we are happy to help with any specific quotes you might be after.


Netflix and Chill Poster Quote

If you’ve got a movie room, theatre room or a den this poster quote is a must have! This Netflix and chill will also make a fabulous quote print ideal for living room wall art or a living room print and would also make a good word art print gift.


living room wall art



Can I create bespoke images or quotes to be printed? What is the cost on that?

We are hoping to create a bespoke image and quote section on our website soon and we will announce costs of that very soon.


Should I buy a downloadable wall art print?

You should buy a downloadable wall art print, for many reasons which we have detailed below.

  • You will instantly receive your design into your inbox
  • Print at home/work easily
  • Kinder to the environmental with zero carbon, no packaging or post
  • You can use the design as a computer or smart phone background
  • Email it as a gift
  • Print the design using any online PrintShop allowing you select your size, weight of paper and finish which can be very cost effective
  • Get the design printed onto a canvas at whichever size fits your home/office
  • Mount the print into any frame you select for your home/office
  • You can scale up and down and not loose any quality (vector-based designs)


Do you have wall art for the bathroom?

We do have bathroom wall art, all of our wall printables, art posters and home art can be used for the bathroom. We do have specific motivational quote posters that may be more appealing or some of our animal art prints may be more to your liking.


Get Naked 01

This cheeky little word art print is a little bit tongue in cheek and a little bit of fun. A great print for the bedroom or bathroom, a great way to add a bit of style and fun to bare walls! 

word art print


Do you have any prints for kitchen wall art?

We do have prints for kitchen wall art, many of our poster quotes, animal prints and funny sayings are very popular and are used for kitchen wall art.


Do you have a range of black and white wall art?

Most of our current wall art, poster quotes and wall printables are black and white, we are hoping to launch a range with more colour but watch this space for more information on that. We will let you know when we have introduced coloured wall art prints.



Simple and understated with this ampersand wall art, this classic black and white print will give the classic finish to a living room, kitchen or bedroom. This minimalist art print is the ideal gift choice to those that like an uncluttered and effortless feel to their home décor.


black and white art print



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A bit about our artist who designs and creates our wall art and poster quotes.

All our artwork is created by our incredibly talented artist Hamish, Scottish by name and Scottish by nature Hamish has been in the arts world creating artwork for over 10 years. Having travelled the world creating bespoke commissions he is now based in his highland home doing what he loves best creating beautiful artwork inspired by nature and pop-cultured using his signature contemporary art style.


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