November 09, 2021

Many parents are now turning to the idea of bringing their children up in a gender-neutral environment and finding ways to decorate a nursery appropriately can be difficult. Leaning away from the stereotypes of having a boy’s nursery decorated in blue and a girl’s in pink can be a hard thing to get your head around, but there are ways of still having a beautiful nursery that isn’t stereotyped to a certain gender!


We at DEMI+CO have put this blog post together to give you some ideas of ways you can decorate your nursery without having it allocated to a specific gender, what wall art would go great in your nursery, and how you can make it the perfect home for your baby. So sit back, relax and let us run you through our top 15 tips for your lovely new nursery.


  1. Gender-neutral walls

A major part of decorating your nursery will be picking out a colour for your walls. Whether you want to go with paint or wallpaper, you will have to make sure you avoid blue and pink. Whilst they are beautiful colours, whether you paint your son’s room pink or your daughter’s room blue, people will automatically stereotype as blue being for boys and pink being for girls. Your best option is to go with a gender-neutral colour such as yellow which has happy connotations. However, a lot of people perceive it as an overbearing colour so don’t be afraid to go for something like grey; whilst it can seem like a dull colour, you can beautifully decorate it with wall art and colourful furniture. You could also use a patterned wallpaper to decorate the walls, or your safest option is a white or warm cream colour.


We hold our babies hands for a short while but their hearts forever

This simple nursery print would be a great way to decorate your new gender-neutral walls. Not only will the colour stand out from your grey, white or cream walls, but the quote fits perfectly within your family’s nursery.

 nursery prints

  1. Keep it bright

A lot of people presume that going with a gender-neutral room means it has to be grey and dull, but that’s not the case! You can decorate the room with bright, colourful furniture and wonderful, cute wall art. An important aspect of any room is the amount of light that comes in, so make sure you keep the window space free and use light-coloured curtains or blinds so the light can still shine through and brighten up the room. There’s also nothing wrong with keeping it a little bit more modern; add a colourful rug, install better quality lights or put up shelving for pictures and books.


  1. Natural is the way to go

If you have wooden floorboards and don’t want to put down a carpet, then that’s fine! Wood can bring a light, natural feeling to a room and putting down a soft, textured rug instead of carpet can be just as effective. Also, don’t be afraid to add some greenery, maybe a houseplant or fake flowers, it can go a long way and brighten up the place. You can expand on the wooden theme of your nursery by adding a wooden cot and drawers to bring the whole design together. If you go for a nature theme, adding some floral wall décor is also a good idea, just to pull everything together nicely.


Dream of puppies, rainbows and donuts

Nursery wall décor such as this is perfect for a gender-neutral room as the colours amongst the wording on the poster adds colour to the room, as well as bringing in a childish essence for your baby to enjoy. You can also feel comforted knowing that with a poster like this, you are always leaving your baby with your wishes for good dreams throughout the night.

 nursery wall art

  1. An eye for adventure

A great way to keep your nursery gender-neutral is to add a little adventure to it! Why not have a feature wall of an old-fashioned-styled map with a ship in a bottle on display and pirate toys spread across the room for your child? You could get a boat-themed mobile, with bedding to match the theme and allow your children to grow up feeling as though they lived through a pirate story! What child doesn’t love playing pirates?


Coolest kid around

Printed on to heavy-weight media using fade resistant inks, this kids wall décor will fit perfectly into your gender-neutral nursery, adding a bit of colour to the room as a whole and brightening it up with fun artwork!

 kids wall art

  1. Make it interactive

It is a nursery after all, and your baby is going to grow up wanting to play all of the time, so having lots of bits and pieces for your child to play with as they grow up is vital. You can add a mobile, dreamcatchers, and especially toys and teddies! However, an integral part of having a gender-neutral nursery is to make sure you don’t have gendered toys, or at least if you want to buy a doll, make sure that you’re not buying it because you have a daughter; boys can enjoy dolls too. Animal teddies are your best friend. Everyone loves animals and they’re not specified or stereotyped to a specific gender so make sure to fill that room with plenty of animal teddies, toys, and artwork!


  1. Patterns go a long way

Whether you want to decorate your walls with a patterned wallpaper or add bedding with shapes embroidered on it, patterns are a good way of bringing together that gender-neutral nursery. A lovely idea for wallpaper is to have something with stars, that can maybe match light-up stars to stick on the ceiling, so your nursery isn’t too dark at night. Bedding always comes with a lot of lovely patterns; whether it is geometric, squares, circles, or triangles and this is a great way to enhance your child’s knowledge.


Letters A through to Z in clean large type face

Another great way to enhance your child’s skills and knowledge is to have this nursery alphabet print up in the room from the beginning of your baby’s life. With a daily look at the alphabet along with the patterns and shapes within the nursery, your child will grow up to be a genius in no time!

 baby room wall art

  1. Cream and beige are your best friends

When it comes to deciding colours for a room, it can be a difficult decision. Although coming up with different options for gender-neutral walls, you also need to worry about the colours of everything else. Cream and beige go nicely with anything and also keep that nursery gender-neutral! You could get cream bedding and beige furniture; or vice versa, the opportunities are endless.


Sleep all night

This beige family wall décor is great for decorating a gender-neutral nursery with these equitable colours and a cute, motivational quote to make sure your baby sleeps through the night.


nursery art print
  1. Characters

Something great to see in a lot of nurseries is characters from beloved children’s stories! Many like to stay astray from Disney princesses and superheroes as they can often be stereotyped. The best option is to go for something like a Winnie the Pooh theme; every child likes Winnie the Pooh and it isn’t specified to genders. Some other great ideas are the Lion King, Mickey and friends, Peter Pan; just take a look at all the classic children’s stories and your nursery will begin to build itself!


  1. Animal prints

Animals are a great way to keep your nursery gender neutral. You could decorate the room with zebra or leopard print themed bedding or artwork, have animal teddies scattered around, maybe a couple of cushions and a rug with animal prints to match. There are endless opportunities with animals, and they are a great way to enhance your child’s knowledge as they grow up.


Born to be wild

Wall decals for your nursery will ensure that it has been decorated to its full potential. Fun nursery wall art like this adds a unique look to your nursery and brings a homely essence to it.

 kids room wall art

  1. Location, location, location

Adding a location theme to the room can really bring the whole nursery together. You could go for a beachy vibe, with sandy wallpaper and the sea decorated around; you don’t just have to stay with the general kiddy-like themes. You could even add in a skyline of your favourite city to give the room a modern look.



Simple family wall art like this can create a brighter, pleasing appearance for your nursery, and it fits perfectly within the theme of a bedroom. You can wish your child good “dreams” with this poster, without you even being in the room and create a lovely sense of warmth.

 bedroom wall art


  1. Woodland or forest themes

A great theme to think about basing your nursery around is woodland or forest. You can get some great wallpapers that have beautiful designs of trees printed within them and think about getting bedding or curtains with a lovely pattern of emerald leaves. With this, you can also add in some houseplants, whether they are real or fake is up to you, and you could enhance this with a lightshade that has a forest design carved into it so that you get the full effect of the shadows when the light is turned on.


I love you

Frame this family quote print and put it up in your nursery so that your baby is reminded every day that they are loved. With a simplistic design, just the words printed on the canvas are enough to get your message across.

 couples wall art

  1. Make it sensory

The first few years of your child’s life are when they experience the most important aspects of their environment. Putting up textured wallpaper for your baby to run their fingers over and feel the bumps of would be a great way to make the nursery interactive. You could also add in pretty lights, such as fairy lights or glow-in-the-dark stars to stick on the ceiling, as well as a soft rug to give your child the best sensory experience as they grow up.


  1. Clouds and rainbows

Children are always mesmerised by clouds and rainbows; so why not use this to your advantage and base the theme of your nursery around it. What child doesn’t like to sit with their parents, siblings or friends and cloud gaze, discovering the different shapes and stories within the clouds?


Choose happy

This colourful nursery artwork will bring a happy essence to your nursery and fill those beige, cream or white walls with something beautiful! Your child will always feel comforted looking at this poster and hopefully it will give off good vibes.

 positive prints

  1. Pastels

You want to make sure that whilst your nursery is gender-neutral, it is also a bright, colourful and happy place for your child to grow up. Adding a couple pastels to the room will do the trick, whether you paint the walls with a pastel colour or add in some pastel yellow cushions. You could paint your cot a lovely pastel turquoise to give it a little bit of colour, or even add pastel-coloured curtains to bring the brightness of the room together.


Joy to the world

Hanging this baby room wall art in the nursery will be the perfect little touch. Not only does it add some colour, but it also perfectly describes your baby: your own bundle of joy. Take a look at some of our other family wall art and find some inspiration for décor around your nursery.

 nursery wall prints

  1. Moon and stars

Finally, the moon and stars are a lovely touch to your nursery. Resin is something that a lot of people are looking into more and more right now, so perhaps you could buy a resin moon and hang it up in your baby’s room. You could also get wall stickers of the phases of the moon to educate your child as they grow up and have star-patterned bedding or curtains to bring the whole look together.


We hope you found some inspiration for your upcoming nursery in this blog post and got to take a look at some of our amazing wall art designs for a nursery or even your home! Whether you want to bring your baby up in a gender-neutral environment or just don’t want to know the gender of your baby yet so have decided to do a gender-neutral nursery, there are many ways to successfully decorate that wonderful room of joy!


Here at DEMI+CO, we take customer support very seriously. As a family run business, our customers are part of our family, so your feedback is important to us. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us about any query you may have. If you need help with your order, our products or just simply have a couple of general questions, drop us a line via email or DM us on social media and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can.





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