March 18, 2021

Recently, we have been working on some new fashion wall art designs which we think are perfect for a glam dressing room or a fashion focused bedroom. We have been researching the top trends when it comes to decorating a dressing room and of course, they can be applied to a bedroom too! We love to stay up to date with the top trends when it comes to the home and we wanted to put our findings all together in one place to inspire your next home renovation project.

We have delved a little deeper into what the top trends are for 2021, so whether you are planning for a new dressing room or you just want to give your bedroom an update, you have come to the right place! We will introduce you to some of our gorgeous fashion wall décor along the way. You never know, this blog post might just spark some inspiration! Continue reading to find out what the hottest trends for fashion wall prints are this year.


Prada Marfa

This stylish wall art printwould look fabulous in a dressing room. Its neutral colour scheme and subtle details makes it a must-have design to display in any fashion lover’s house.

fashion wall art
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Wall art is a great way to inject some style into your home, without it costing the Earth

Wall art is a reasonably priced option when deciding to give your home an update. The options of wall art and word prints are endless, meaning you can find something that truly suits your taste, without it breaking the bank. Interiors can often be expensive and when trying to keep up with the hottest trends in homeware magazines, it can seem a bit daunting. Make your space your own with a piece of art poster that suits your taste and personality and this will create a timeless look to your home that will weather well through the coming and going of trends. Completely redecorating a room doesn’t come cheap, but by simply swapping your wall art up, you can create a completely fresh new look to your room.

One of the hottest home trends of recent years is the addition of a dressing room. No longer reserved for the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, people are opting to change their spare bedrooms into a luxurious dressing room. No room is complete without the addition of some stunning wall art, and this is the case with even a dressing room. We think that fashion inspired prints for the bedroom are timeless and look fab displayed in a dressing room, or even just a fashionista’s bedroom.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

This gorgeous fashion print features a positive quote to remind you to be your best self. This is a fab option to display wherever you get dressed in the morning and is a perfect affirmation to start your day off on the right foot.

beauty wall art
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Have some fun with it!

We think that along with choosing art that represents yourself, you should also have some fun with it. Choosing a cheeky word art print or a fashion quote is a great way to add a little light-hearted humour to your space. Art posters are a great way to achieve this, there are many funny, cheeky and quirky word art prints out there – you may just find your next favourite saying!

Too glam to give a damn

This beautiful colourful wall art print features a stunning colour scheme and a quirky fashion quote to really brighten up your space. Style this as part of a picture wall in your bedroom or as a feature piece in your dressing room. We guarantee wherever you display this, all eyes will be on this fun positive quote print!

colourful wall art
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Add a pop of colour

If you prefer you decorate your rooms with a neutral colour scheme, a bright art poster can really add a pop of colour to your space. Over the past couple years Pinterest has seen many photos shared of bright, colourful rooms, so if you are looking for a bright piece of fashion wall décor to add to your already vibrant room, a couple of pieces can really give a feature wall the wow factor.

Adding a splash of colour can make a space seem more cheerful and combining that with fashion inspirational quotes will ensure your dressing room is oozing with style.

Chase your dreams… in high heels of course

This gorgeous fashion wall art features a lovely motivational quote and incorporates a pretty and subtle pink colour into its design. If you are looking for something feminine and classy to add to your bedroom walls or as a feature piece in your dressing room, this girly art poster will look perfect displayed on your walls.

bedroom wall art
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The world is my runway

Spruce up your empty walls with this bold and beautiful inspirational quote wall art. The catchy quote is a great motivational piece to look at while you are getting ready to take on the day and the striking blue detail adds a touch of colour to this stunning printable wall art.

fashion wall prints
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Always dress like it’s the best day of your life

Brighten up your home with this wonderful fashion designer wall art. The gorgeous pink of this print can add a pop of colour to any room and would look fabulous as part of a picture wall. This is a great reminder to always start your day like you are heading out on the runway.

pink wall art

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Choose Minimalism

One of the hottest trends that only seems to gain more popularity each year, is minimalism. The simple, fuss free lifestyle that people are raving about! By choosing a simple piece of wall art, you can keep the minimalist feel of your home while displaying an eye-catching piece of art that will really give your space the finishing touch. Minimalism is often about simple, uncomplicated designs and our classic word art prints tick all of those boxes.


Transform your dressing room with this simple ‘Style’ print. Straight to the point, this wall printables was made to be displayed in a fashionista’s favourite room of the house. This stunning fashion print adds a touch of something extra to a minimalist space and can be the focal point of your dressing room or bedroom.

fashion wall prints


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Treat yourself to one of these prints perfect for the bedroom. The beautiful colours in this print can add a feminine and stylish finish to really liven up your walls. No matter where you decide to display this you will have guests saying “c’est chic!”

prints for bedroom
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Create an amazing fashion-forward space with this no-nonsense ‘Fashion’ word art print. This interesting design is eye-catching and unique, transforming any space into an artistic masterpiece. This would look great displayed in as wall art for hall, living room or a dressing room.

fashion wall prints

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Black and White is so en Vogue

Nothing screams timeless and classic like a black and white colour scheme. No matter what feel you want your space to give off, black and white is immensely versatile and always seems to look chic and sophisticated effortlessly. We offer a range of lovely black and white art prints that will look brilliant displayed in a monochrome room. Choosing black and white also means that no matter your colour scheme, it is sure to match perfectly!

Don’t be a lady be a legend

This elegant fashion wall art print is a sophisticated and stunning inspirational quote print to display in your bedroom or dressing room. The graceful design of this print gives a timeless feel to a modern art poster. This motivational quote is perfect to be displayed so it serves as a daily reminder for yourself.

feminist wall art

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London, Paris, New York, Milan

Some say these are the stylish cities in the world and what better motivation every day than dressing like you are hitting the runway in London, Paris, New York or Milan. This sophisticated print will look gorgeous however you choose to display it in your home.

fashion wall art

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Now that you have got your wall art sorted for your dressing room, why not complete the look with our top five tips for creating the most beautiful space to get ready in. Read on to find out our top five suggestions for creating the dressing room of your dreams.

  1. Keep your jewellery organised in a beautiful jewellery case or a hanger to display it in true luxurious dressing room fashion. You can match your jewellery case with your wall art by choosing similar colours and creating a cohesive and pretty theme for your room.
  2. Care for your clothes. In a time where fast-fashion is always right at our fingertips, sometimes it can be easy to replace clothes rather than caring for them. Repairing, cleaning and storing clothing, jewellery and accessories properly will increase their life and help you to create your own signature style.
  3. Plan an organised wardrobe. Whether that means storing everything in its own special place or planning a cohesive capsule wardrobe to ensure all of your items can be swapped interchangeably to create timeless and elegant outfits effortlessly, make sure your wardrobe is organised.
  4. Accessorise with some gorgeous pieces. Think about what you dream your dressing room to look like and incorporate this into your space. Maybe you think you would benefit from some elegant seating to sit on while you put on your shoes, maybe you have always dreamt of a gorgeous vanity or dressing table to sit at to put your make up on or maybe you have always wanted a whole wall to display your killer heel collection. You do you girl!
  5. Make sure it is practical. What is the point of having a gorgeous dressing room or walk in wardrobe when you can’t get to things easily and some of your favourite clothing pieces hang up at the back of the wardrobe unloved for months? Make sure the design is practical and you can really get the most out of the space with everything easily accessible for those last-minute weekend plans.

We really hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and that it has given you some ideas when thinking about updating your bedroom, dressing room or another space in your home. We are obsessed with home interiors at DEMI+CO and dream of our own dressing room that anyone would be envious of. If you ever have any questions about our art prints, jewellery or anything else please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or get in touch on social media. We love hearing from you!

It is that time in our blog post where we like to share a few of our newest testimonials we have received from our wonderful customers. We really think that these reviews speak for themselves and help you decide why you should choose DEMI+CO.

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