June 25, 2021

There are some people who always seem to have their lives together. They are usually positive, come across as very happy and chilled out, but what is their secret? We here at DEMI+CO have put together this blog post to share with you some information on achieving your Zen and what it means to live with a Zen mindset.


Are you in touch with your spiritual side or do you need some advice on how to achieve a more ‘Zen’ way of life? Scroll down to our quick quiz to find out how zen you really are. This blog post has been written as a bit of fun to explain what a Zen mindset is, how helpful it can really be and to show you some of our spiritual wall art and inspiring prints that can help you to create a Zen living space.


We understand that some people take spirituality very seriously and we appreciate all mindsets, this blog post is a light hearted way to shed a bit of light on achieving your Zen.


What exactly is a ‘Zen’ mindset?

A Zen mindset is a calming mindset that aims to see all things for the first time. This means that those who achieve Zen explore the world with fresh eyes and don’t let things such as emotions get in the way of living a calming and collected life. There are actually studies that think that those that live with a Zen mindset are happier and kinder to others, while living life with more clarity and purpose.
Those who choose to live with a Zen mindset allow their experiences to be free without judgement, and allow their thoughts and feelings to happen naturally. How you focus your attention is very important when trying to achieve Zen. To achieve a Zen mindset you must act thoughtfully and mindfully, for example, rather responding emotionally to negative experiences, it is best to respond thoughtfully, by thinking mindfully about the experience.


There is Magic within you

This cute positive wall artis perfect for creating a mindful aura in your home. Remind yourself that there is indeed magic within you, and allow this to help you reach a Zen mindset.

spiritual wall art

What our customers say about this spiritual wall décor:

“Beautiful quote looks great in the nursery”

How do positive affirmations work and help?

Positive affirmations are positive things that you tell yourself to help banish negative thoughts. All you have to do, is choose a positive quote or two and repeat them to yourself regularly and there you go, you are practicing positive affirmations!

Research has shown that repeating positive affirmations regularly can really help how you feel, how you think and boosts your self-esteem. We definitely recommend giving it a try yourself, and choosing some positive affirmations to repeat to yourself daily and see whether it really does make you feel more positive about yourself. The benefits of doing this include decreasing stress and increasing academic achievement for students.

Why not frame one of our positive prints as an affirmation you can read out to yourself every day?


You Can Go Your Own Way

These stunning home office wall prints are a great affirmation that you can live your life exactly how you want and ‘go your own way’. So, whether you are the adventurer type or you choose to live by your own rules, these positive quote prints are a great start for those new to positive affirmations.

positive prints

What our customers say about our positive quotes wall art:

“The quality of the print is excellent very happy.”


Quick 5 Question Quiz on How Zen You Are

Take our simple five questions quiz to find out how Zen you are and how you can become more mindful.

1. How often do you mediate?

a. I meditate not often or not at all. I have never really understood meditation or it has not been something I have gave much thought.

b. I meditate sometimes. If I have a free day off work or a free weekend, I take some time to meditate and breathe out any stress from the week before.

c. I meditate regularly. I couldn’t imagine not meditating every day and I have my own meditation room to allow me to focus on my breathing and my inner self.


      University of Life

      These quirky printable positive quotes look great displayed in an office or hallway. The minimalist style of these motivation prints for office make them the perfect addition for a sleek and simple home.

      meditation wall art

      What our customers said about this inspirational wall art:

      “Got this especially for our new home and really with it”

        2. What would you say causes you the most stress usually?

        a. I would say it would either be my job or finances. I definitely think I work to live, so sometimes it leaves me feeling burnt out from work or worrying about my pay check or savings.

        b. I would say the things that cause me the most stress are family or other relationships. I think I can be a people pleaser and sometimes worry too much about what others think of me.

        c. My body or my overall health causes me the most stress, because I aim to make sure that I am always looking after myself and I sometimes worry that I am not doing a good enough job.


          Just Breathe

          These serene ‘Just Breathe’ home office prints look fabulous wherever you decide to display them. These are a popular option for meditation rooms, or would look equally as beautiful displayed in a relaxing bathroom, creating the perfect space to unwind after a stressful day with a warm bubble bath and some gentle music.

          spiritual wall decor

          What our customers said about this meditation wall art:

          “Wanted a print for my meditation room and this was perfect”

          3. When going to bed, what happens when you try to go to sleep at night?

          a. I toss and turn for most of the night and I frequently wake up throughout the night too. If I am feeling stressed, I may experience bad dreams or stay awake worrying for a while.

          b. It takes me a bit of time to fall asleep, but I sleep through the night and wake up feeling well rested.

          c. I am out like a light and can pretty much sleep anywhere. I am definitely a deep sleeper, but I am an early riser too, so the best of both worlds!



            These simplistic inspirational quote prints are another great choice for a meditation or yoga space. Create a calming atmosphere with one of our relaxing inspirational prints and surround yourself with things that put you at ease.

            meditation wall art

            What our customers said about this affirmation wall art:

            “Love love love this looks great in my bathroom”

            4. You wake up after a good night’s sleep. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

            a. I hit snooze repeatedly until the last possible second, and then I roll out of bed. I am definitely not a morning person!

            b. I crawl out of bed slowly and enjoy the experience of waking up.

            c. I get out of bed, make my bed, plan my day ahead and then I meditate before I officially start the day.


              Your Mind is a Powerful Thing When You Fill it with Positive Thoughts Your Life Will Start to Change

              These powerful wall art inspirational quotes are a great reminder for you to repeat your daily affirmations. Display this near a mirror or somewhere you will see when you first wake up, so you can confidently repeat your affirmations to destress and get into a positive routine.

              positive printable quotes

              What our customers had to say about this positive affirmation wall art:

              “Good shopping experience and love the print awesome quality”


              5. What do you do when you are feeling stressed? Do you:

                a. Retreat to your comfort zone and shut yourself off from the world for a while?
                b. Try to take your mind off of it and preoccupy yourself by reading or doing another mindful hobby?
                c. Take a minute to relax, embrace the moment and remember to exhale slowly?

                  Beauty Begins When You Decide to Be Yourself

                  These inspirational wall quotes are a wonderful addition to any bedroom or dressing room space. Use a positive affirmation to reflect on your inner beauty and embrace yourself for who you are.

                  inspirational quote prints

                  What our customers had to say about this inspirational wall art for office:

                  “Beautiful wall art better than I thought I would be will be back for more”

                  The results are in…

                  Add up your results and find out which one you are depending on what letter answers you gave most of.

                  If you scored Mostly A’s you are probably quite Unfocused.

                  It is possible that you tend to get distracted quite easily, whether that is from worrying or stressing about things out of your control or whether that is letting your emotions get the best of you. You perhaps worry too much about what people think of you or you commit yourself to doing too much and end up overworking yourself.

                  The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths as this can really help ground yourself. If you wanted to take your mindfulness further, why not try a self-help book, a meditation class or practice daily affirmations?


                  I am Perfectly Imperfect

                  Try not to focus on being perfect all of the time and give yourself breathing space to be yourself. We think this Perfectly Imperfect motivational quote is fabulous for you, to remind you that in your own way, you are perfect.

                   home office prints

                  If you scored Mostly B’s, you are a Zen Jedi!

                  You have managed to achieve a little more Zen in your life, but you have a little way to go when times are tough. You could practice some mindful techniques such as yoga to help you with stressful times. With a little more work then you can master the art of Zen, feel better about yourself and live a more meaningful life in the process.


                  The Past is Your Lesson, the Present is Your Gift. The Future is Your Motivation.

                  We think this modern motivational print is a great boost to have in your view to help you improve your Zen mindset. Remember that the present is your gift, because the time you spend right now to work on your own Zen, then you will reap the benefits in the future, which should be your motivation.

                   motivational prints for office

                  If you scored Mostly C’s, congratulations! You are a Zen master.

                  You are calm and serene like a Zen master. You can accept and tackle problems as soon as they come your way. You are definitely the envy of your friends, because you come across as calm, collected and prepared for any eventuality. Please share some of your knowledge, people could learn a lot from you!


                  It is During Our Darkest Moments That We Must Focus on the Light

                  We think this gorgeous art print embodies the Zen mindset. This would look great in a meditation room or a yoga studio, and is the perfect reminder to focus on the good even in the hard times.

                   positive affirmation wall art
                  We hope that you found this blog post informative and that it has served as a good introduction to the zen lifestyle. Mindful living is all about doing things that make you happy and give purpose to your life. One of the things that makes us happy at DEMI+CO, is when our wonderful customers leave us some kind reviews about our products or our customer service. Doing one small act of kindness each day can really help you to feel positive, because happiness is contagious.
                  Here are just a few of the lovely reviews we have received recently.

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