December 09, 2020

You may or may not know, here at DEMI+CO we have a new range of wall art prints. These are all carefully designed by our artistic creator Hamish who has collaborated with us on our collection. We love seeing our wall art in your homes and we think that nothing can cheer up a space than some fun wall art quotes!

If you’re new to wall art and framed prints, we have put together this little guide to let you know what the pros and cons are of wall art and to help give you some ideas of what would look great in your home. We hope that you love our wall art designs as much as we do, we’re always so grateful for the reviews we get from our customers and they can really make our day. We hope our fantastic wall art prints do the same for you and bring some cheer into your home. Along with printable for you to print off yourself and frame, we also offer the option to pre-order your printed wall art in the size of your choice.

Easy Like Sunday Morning 01

Our Easy Like Sunday Morning 01 word art print makes for a fantastic addition to any home. This print looks great as kitchen wall art or minimalist living room and serves as a fabulous reminder to anyone who is always on the go, to just take it easy. You can select which size you’d like your wall art to be and then it’s sent straight to your email inbox for you to print it out as many times as you wish, that way you’ll always have one on hand to gift your friends when they’re envious of your gorgeous wall art.

living room wall art

Our customers say:

“Really easy to use site to download and print at home thank you”


Get Naked 01

We think this cheeky Get Naked 01 wall décor is perfect for adding a bit of quirky fun into your bathroom! The ‘Get Naked’ poster quote has become quite popular in recent years and is a sought-after piece of wall art for any home. The minimalist design means it’ll go perfectly with any colour theme you may have in your home and can be coordinated with existing décor by simply framing it with a matching picture frame. This digital downloadable file in sent straight to your inbox giving you the freedom to print it off and frame it as you wish.

get naked poster

Our customers say:

“One of my faves. Great design for the bedroom”

At DEMI+CO, we understand that when it comes to interior design, everyone’s tastes are difference. Our wall art prints are designed with this in mind and are classic and versatile so that they’ll fit right in with any way you choose to decorate your home. We love that wall art give people the option to express themselves in fun and quirky ways, so our quotes prints are chosen to suit all different walks of life.

We research what’s on trend and what our customers love and this is how we come up with the art décor that we offer on our website. These designs are exclusive to DEMI+CO, so by choosing our wall art, you can ensure that you have a gorgeous, unique piece of artwork to display in your home.


Let’s Get Comfy 01

This cute Let’s Get Comfy 01 quote word art is perfect as living room wall art or bedroom and is ideal to add the finishing touches to a newly decorated space. This lovely reminder tells you to make sure you’re taking time to relax and get comfortable while enjoying time in your own home. It’s a great way to let guests know that they’re welcome to relax and treat your house like their home with this reassuring, positive word art.

word art print

Our customers say:

“Good quality design thank you”

Once Someone Touches Your Heart Their Fingerprints Will Last Forever 01

This gorgeous heartfelt quote wall art is one of our favourites here at DEMI+CO, and it’s not hard to see why. This beautiful quote makes a stunning edition to any room and can serve as a reminder to your loved ones how much you care, making it a lovely gift for someone special. The little fingerprint heart adds a finishing touch to this print making it a wonderful edition to your home to display proudly for all to see and admire.

nursery prints

Our customers say:

“Bought this as a gift very easy to use website, quick download too”


Pros of Wall Art

Wall décor is a great way to personalise your space and can actually increase your mood. Dull, bare walls can have a negative affect on people’s moods and by having a fun focal point it can be a great conversation starter and having a motivating, positive inspirational wall art is even better! Wall art creates certain feelings, so choosing something cheerful or relaxing can set the mood of a room. How you want your space to appear and what you want to get out of it should come through with the use of wall art. If you want a chilled space, choosing a more relaxed piece of quote wall art can set the tone of the room.


Netflix & Chill 01

Wherever you choose to binge your favourite Netflix shows and films whether that be your living room, bedroom or even your own dedicated movie room this poster quote is perfect to decorate your walls! This fun wall art print shows everyone that you’re a movie-buff and reminds yourself to relax and just chill when settling down after a busy day to catch up on your favourite series. The fabulous simplicity of this black and white wall art makes it extremely versatile to match with any other of your décor. Jazz it up with bold frame or stick to understated, classic style with a minimalist one.

quote wall art

Our customers say:

“Was recommended and didnt dissapoint really good selection”

If you choose to display wall art in your home office, it is said to make you feel much happier while working. A recent study found that art in the workplace can reduce stress and even improve productivity, so if you wanted a reason to update your home office – there you have it! Art can help with creativity and brainstorming, meaning it can really get those ideas flowing, a great reason to show off some quote wall art in your office.


Carpe Diem 01

Our Carpe Diem 01 quote really inspires you to seize the day! This quirky and cool art print is the ideal motivational wall art to have in your home office and adds the perfect reminder to face every task head on and make the best out of your day. This simple and understated word art quote is a great way to help you stay motivated throughout the entire day.

inspirational quote prints

Our customers say:

“Really happy with the quality of this design it looks great”


A big pro of wall art is that it’s relatively low cost, meaning you can reap all of the benefits of decorating your walls with gorgeous new inspirational wall quotes, while keeping the cost low to yourself. All of the benefits of creating a new space, simply by having a few special pieces of wall décor on display. What’s not to love?


Love 05

This simple Love poster is a great minimalist art print option to add a touch of class to your space. The flamboyant text is elegant and feminine, creating a versatile print to display anywhere in your home. Love really does make a house a home and by decorating your walls with this beautiful romantic wall artyou’re sure to bring love and kindness into every day.

romantic wall art

Our customers say:

“Very classy. Great design have sent it off to be printed on to a canvas”

One of the more obvious pros of wall art is the wow-factor! A great print can really add a touch of awesome to your space. Using wall art to create wow factor in your space is a fantastic idea, so whether you prefer a large stand-out piece or a traditional picture collage with lots of different images, you can’t go wrong with some wall art. You can use wall art and word prints to set a particular atmosphere in your room. For example, a baby room may want a fun feel with some nursery wall art and if you’re after something modern and luxe why not go for one of our Highland Cow prints?


Highland Cow 01 Wall Art

Our Highland Cow 01 was our very first printable wall art designed by Hamish. We love the on-trend feel of this handsome print and we think it adds a touch of quirky personality to a modern nursery. Baby room wall art and nursery décor is certainly a must-have add some lovely photos, a book shelf and some comfy seating and your nursery is complete! Highland Cow prints are fast becoming a home must-have and whether you do want to decorate or nursery or just think this would look great elsewhere around your home, don’t miss out on this fabulous print!

highland cow art

Our customers say:

“Great customer service. This design looks great I printed this out at home goes well in our living room”


Cons of Wall Art

The only cons we can think of when it comes to word art, is that sometimes its what it’s printed on rather than the design. Careful thought when choosing how to print your new wall art will help alleviate any problems happening in the future. Framed wall art and having the wall art printed on a canvas are both great options and many of our customers choose to do either. Getting one of our word art prints framed is great, because it’s inexpensive and can last a long time. If you ever want to upgrade the print, it can be as easy as swapping the frame.

People do often prefer the look of canvas prints and these can certainly help to create the wow-factor we spoke about earlier. The only issue with canvas prints is that they are not waterproof or scratch resistant. The way you can avoid these cons is choosing carefully. Hanging a canvas in a living room is a great idea to create an eye-catching work of art, but maybe avoid canvases in a bathroom where it is likely to get damp.


Never Go To Bed Angry 02

Our Never Go To Bed Angry 02 print serves as a reminder to never take your problems to bed with you. This is perfect to hang on your bedroom walls if you’re a bit of an overthinker and need a reminder to switch off and relax before bedtime. This would also be a perfect wedding gift, to have some positive advice to never go to bed on an argument, when the first tiff does come along! This bedroom wall art is a stunning addition to any bedroom and provides a positive, motivational quote to remember not to worry.

poster quotes

Our customer say:

“So easy downloaded and printed at home and now in a frame looks fab”


Stay In Bed 01

For those days when we just want to stay in bed. Sometimes we need a reminder to slow down in the mornings when we have nothing to do. Not that we need an excuse, but we do need to take life easy and enjoy little things like a lay in every now and again. This cute minimalist wall art is a great statement quote for any bedroom. Let’s enjoy the little things in life, like sleeping in and not setting alarms. If we’re lucky we may even be spoiled to breakfast in bed!

bedroom quotes prints

Our customers say:

“Really nice design printed well at home great customer service too”


All of our word art prints and wall décor make perfect gifts. We have a lovely range of more prints over on our website to suit everyone’s tastes. What better reason to spoil yourself than a new wall art print to refresh your space!



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