September 28, 2021

Many homes have a hallway of some sort and it can be tricky knowing how to decorate such a small space. Hallways often aren’t given their own purpose in our homes and are merely used as the room between the rooms. This doesn’t mean that your hallway shouldn’t be beautiful and given its own purpose. You can find a purpose that suits you and your lifestyle and really make the most out your small space.

We at DEMI+CO have put together this blog post detailing ideas of how you can decorate a hallway, what wall art for hall will bring a pop of personality to your small space and how you can make your hall work for you. So, get ready to be inspired as we take you through our Pinterest worthy hallway artwork and decorating tips for your hall.

Our 10 Styling Tips for Decorating a Hallway

Here are our 10 styling tips for one of the most neglected rooms in your home. Beautify your hallway with stunning storage solutions, calming colour palettes and hot hallway wall décor, to make the most out of every inch of your home.

  1. Have somewhere lovely to hang your coats

Hallways can become quite cluttered; they are the place we hang our coats, leave our shoes or store our keys. There are plenty of fabulous storage ideas for hanging your coats neatly, while making it a fun and quirky focal point. Depending on your personal style will influence what you may choose to hang your coats with. Sleek, simple coat hooks in monochrome black would look gorgeous in a minimalist’s home, where a vintage coat rack from an antique store would make an interesting addition to a quirky, vintage-lover’s home. Think about your style and how you have decorated other rooms, let this style spill out into the halls. Your home will feel cohesive and beautiful, with your hallway offering a warm welcome to any visitors.

Home Sweet Home

This pretty blue entrance hall wall art is a gorgeous option for your hallway. These hall wall decoration ideas add a pop of colour to your room, with a cute, classic quote to lend a welcome to your home sweet home.

 family wall art

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  1. Make the most out of bespoke storage solutions

There are plenty of options for storage solutions to fit your space perfectly. By choosing something bespoke, you can ensure it is a timeless addition to your hallway that will create a functional space especially for your family’s needs. If you choose to splurge on storage solutions that are completely bespoke and made for your space, you can rest assured that it will never go out of style and serves as a fabulous addition to your hallway that will take all the stress and worry about redecorating your space every time there is a new trend.

Choose Happy

This colourful wall art will add a ray of sunshine to your hallway. Combining bright colours with quotation wall art, we have produced these pretty hallway wall pictures to add some positivity to your space and to remind you to always choose happy for the day ahead.

family quotes wall art

  1. Make a statement with patterned wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper can really liven up a space and bring a pop of colour to your home. Choose striking and bold prints for something modern or a soft, floral design for something classic. Either way, hanging wallpaper in your hallway can give it the added chic design that will help bring your space together. Choosing wallpaper can be really fun and is another great way to express your personality and taste with some classy designs.


Make your house feel like a home by adding one of our framed pictures for hallway. All you have to do it order this gorgeous printable wall art and then add your own frame and display on your walls. We are sure that once your friends see this quote wall art, they will all want their own. P.S. These make excellent gifts!

black and white wall art

  1. Express yourself with hallway artwork ideas

Express your personality, the people who live in your home or even your favourite TV show with some quirky, vibrant colourful prints for hallway. The options really are endless when it comes to wall hangings for hall and entrance hall wall décor and you can choose to express yourself however you choose. Always remember that if you are designing an entrance hallway, it is the first impression that guests will get of your home, so you want to reflect your style, your interests and yourself through the design details. Large pictures for hallway are great for making a bold statement, while black and white wall art can be fantastic at setting a sleek minimalist atmosphere. Whatever you choose, just make sure you have fun with it and experiment with different styles you like until you end up with something you absolutely love.

Love 04

Share the love with this beautiful couples wall art. These heartfelt wall prints for hallway add a romantic touch to your love nest, making them an excellent choice for couples moving in to their first home. You will fall head over heels with these inspirational quotes wall art.

couples wall art

  1. Have some fun with a quirky doormat

Something we love to have fun with in our own homes at DEMI+CO, is funky doormats. You can literally get just about everything, from your favourite childhood television shows to cheeky quotes, a doormat is another great way to express yourself. Having somewhere to wipe your feet is not only very practical but it helps keep the rest of your home looking fabulously clean. Choose something colourful to liven up your space. Your guests will be sure to notice it next time they wipe their feet!

Other things may change us but we start and end with family

Family wall art sets the tone about what your home is all about. Style your hallway with this glorious family quotes wall art. This positive wall art is also a great reminder to the younger ones about the importance of family. This is a beautiful piece, ready to transform your hallway into a family space where you can all keep your coats, keys and maybe ever your wellies!

family quotes print

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  1. Create a micro-office

Not all of us have space for a dedicated home office, but if you have a hallway with plenty of room, why not create your own micro-office? There are plenty of flip-down or compact desks that will give you a dedicated space to catch up on your work emails. The best thing about a flip-down desk, is that you can tuck it away again once you are done for the day, creating a chic and practical use for your hallway.

She loved to be home

Don’t we all love to be home? This positive quote is perfect to have printed into large wall art to display in your hallway. The pop of colour would work beautifully with a neutral colour palette and would create a gorgeous focal point in your hallway or should we say, hallway home office. Get inspired with this positive affirmation wall art.

hallway pictures

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  1. …or create a reading nook!

We really love this idea. If you do have a more spacious hallway, a small reading nook is a great way to work with the space while giving you a separate area to wind down with a good book, without the distractions of TV. There are so many exciting ideas online for reading nooks, so get saving the inspiration and create a mood board, then get to action! There is no greater joy than books.

Lets stay home

Are you on the lookout for some art for hallway ideas? There is no place like home, so share that sentiment with this stunning narrow hallway art featuring a cosy wall quote. Create a tranquil space with this positive quotes wall art and embrace ‘hygge’ by staying in, getting cosy and enjoying your home.

wall art for hall

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  1. Hang some large statement mirrors

Large mirrors create the illusion of more space while allowing light to bounce around the room. By reflecting the outside, you can also bring the illusion of indoor nature. Another bonus with mirrors is that you can do a quick outfit check on your way out of the front door each morning.

Home is where your WIFI connects automatically

Add a touch of cheekiness with this wall art abstract. We would love to see this styled next to a chalkboard with the WIFI password on. Guests will always ask for the WIFI password when they visit, so why not cut out the middle man and create a little focal point with this funny wall art. Bonus points if you come up with a hilarious WIFI name or password!

living room wall art

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  1. Light it up!

Lighting is key in small spaces, so play around with different light shades, light fittings and lamps to create a warm and welcoming space. Having a light and bright space is great for lifting your mood, so just imagine how great it will feel when you walk through the door and step into your gorgeous, bright hallway. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to lighting which means you are bound to find something that fits with the overall aesthetic of your hallway while providing that finishing touch to bring the room together.

What I love most about my home is who I share it with

This inspirational wall art is heartfelt and adorable. This would look gorgeous in a bright room, complete with large mirrors and maybe a couple of indoor plants to tie the green in. You can create your own paradise with this elegant affirmation wall art. The only problem is, you will never want to leave the house!

entrance hall wall art

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  1. Keep it simple, but beautiful

If you prefer something uncomplicated and less cluttered, you could always go for classic, minimalist design to create a sleek hallway. This would work brilliantly if your home has a minimalist feel to it. For minimalist design, monochrome works so well and crisp lines make a stunning design choice. We can just picture a chic hallway with white walls, bare wooden floors, a stylish monochrome clock and large black and white wall art to create a gorgeous minimal room that will have your guests completely drooling.


Minimalism is all about appreciating the important things in life and embracing slow living. For many of us, family is the most important thing in our lives, whether that is our biological families or the ones we have made ourselves with great friends. The home is where you will get together and have amazing times with your family, why not commemorate that with some graceful family wall art for your hallway?

narrow hallway art

We hope that this blog post has given you all the inspiration you need to create an Instagram worthy hallway! It is so much fun designing every inch of your home to reflect you and the people you live with, while making the space work for you and exactly what you need. We have loved putting together this blog post and sharing some of our stylish hall wall art ideas to add the finishing touch to your new gorgeously curated space.

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If you ever have any further questions or queries, please feel free to reach out on social media or drop us an email. We are more than happy to help. We aim to deliver exceptional customer service at all times, so we love hearing from you.

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