mai 19, 2021

It is no secret that here at DEMI+CO we are obsessed with hoop earrings. We love trying new looks and putting together new designs that we know our lovely customers will love as much as we do. We have launched a collection of rose gold hoops and wanted to fill you in on all the details of why you should love them as much as we do.


We have put together this blog post to take you through the history of rose gold hoop earrings and to give you an introduction to our gorgeous, new collection of rose gold earrings UK. We have designed our earrings with different people in mind, to ensure there is something in our collection that will suit you. So, whether you are looking for rose gold huggie hoop earrings or large dangle rose gold earrings, we have something for everyone.


The History of Rose Gold

Rose gold dates back to 19th century Russia, when Carl Fabergé was one of the first people to put rose goldto use. He used the precious metal when crafting his famous Fabergé eggs, which gave the original name ‘Russian gold’ to the precious metal. It was only later as popularity grew worldwide, that it was given the name rose gold.
During the 1920s, rose gold was popular in the making of jewellery. As women of the decade enjoyed dressing in luxurious fabrics and elegant jewels, jewellers began to create feminine jewellery to showcase the beautiful pink metal. It was toward the 1920s when this shifted and people were choosing silver jewellery in a more art nouveau style.
Rose gold stepped out of the spotlight until around the 1940s. As the Second World War began, gold was proven to be a popular choice for jewellery as platinum was restricted for use toward the war efforts. Women once again began wearing yellow gold and rose gold jewellery, which remained very popular, right up until the present day.

What is Rose Gold Made Of?

Rose gold actually gets it colour by mixing yellow gold and copper. The higher the copper content of the alloy, the deeper red the rose gold will become. True rose gold is approximately 75% gold mixed with 22.5% copper. This leaves a small percentage of silver, which lightens the effect of the copper, producing the gorgeous rose gold hues that we all love.

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Rose Gold

1. Rose gold is easy to wear and compliments most skin tones.

One of the best things about rose gold is that it brings out the warm and blush tones of your skin. This makes it perfect to wear in summer, when you really want to flaunt your sun-kissed skin. Rose gold really does look fantastic on all skin tones.


Yellow gold, White gold & Rose Gold Twist Hoop Earrings

The absolutely stunning rose gold hoops combine yellow gold, white gold and rose gold to create a feminine pair of stunning hoops. This quirky design would look gorgeous on anyone, so would make a perfect gift for a loved one.

small rose gold hoop earrings

2. Rose gold goes with everything!

Rose gold is perfect because it goes with just about everything. It doesn’t look “too much” for daytime looks, due to its feminine and dainty colour but can also look super glam for the evening, if used to accessorize your favourite dressy outfit. You don’t need to worry about whether your rose gold jewellery will clash with your outfit, because the delicate tones compliment all colours.


Yellow gold White gold & Rose Gold Hollow Fancy Hoop Earrings

These delightful rose gold drop earrings feature a beautiful knot design, which consists of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. These rose gold earrings are super light-weight and easy to wear, due to their hollow design you will be able to wear them all night.

rose gold earrings uk

3. Rose gold is feminine and subtle.

Rose gold benefits from a lovely, delicate colour making it extremely feminine and subtle to wear. It has a very romantic look, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. Rose gold engagement rings, or rose gold jewellery featuring dainty hearts are often seen as extremely romantic and sentimental. These are all reasons as to why rose gold makes the most perfect, thoughtful gift to the love of your life.


Rose Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

These 9ct rose gold hoop earrings make a lovely gift. Their classic, timeless design and retro feel is perfect for the chic lady in your life. Paired with a little black dress, these earrings would finish off a sophisticated and elegant look perfectly.

rose gold hoop earrings

4. Rose gold compliments wonderfully compliments other precious metals.

Rose gold works perfectly with other precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold or silver. Due to the pigment of rose gold, it works well with different colours and can look fabulous combined with other coloured jewellery to create a bold and unique look, or by combining precious in one piece, to create a truly magical piece of jewellery.


Rose Gold Tube & White Gold Twist Hoop Earrings

These quirky and interesting rose gold long earrings, combine rose gold and white gold in a pretty design. The rose gold is featured in a tube design, while the white gold is twisted, to create a truly beautiful piece of jewellery. These rose gold long earrings are proof that rose gold works beautifully with other metals and that you don’t need to just choose one when styling your looks.

9ct rose gold hoop earrings

5. Rose gold looks good as a dainty piece or as large statement earrings.

Rose gold can look amazing as a dainty, delicate piece of jewellery such as small rose gold hoop earrings, but it can also produce the wow factor as an amazing pair of statement rose gold diamond hoop earrings. The versatility of rose gold knows no bounds and you can wear the beautiful precious metal for your classic and simple looks, right up to your bold and beautiful looks. Rose gold jewellery is sure to always steal the show.


Rose Gold Twist Hoop

These stunning solid rose gold hoop earringswill absolutely turn heads. The unusual design of these means they are the perfect style piece for making a statement. These would look great dressed up with your favourite dress or dressed down with jeans and a simple t-shirt. You are sure to “wow” others with these beautiful twist hoops.

rose gold huggies

6. Rose gold is so versatile!

You can create different looks with rose gold as it is just so versatile. By using different gems, textures or finishes, rose gold can look completely different but just as pretty each and every time. The versatility of rose gold is exceptional, you can create a pair of dainty and elegant rose gold huggies or go for a loud and bold pair of rose gold drop earrings UK, all from the same precious metal!


Rose Gold Round Tube Hoop Earrings

These classic rose gold huggie hoops are a staple for any jewellery box. These look fabulous worn every day and are light and versatile enough to take you from the office to your favourite cocktail bar. Add a touch of sparkle and rose gold hues with these envy-inducing rose gold round tube hoop earrings. We promise you will love them as much as we do.

small rose gold hoops

7. Rose gold jewellery will never go out of style.

Rose gold has been around for decades, as the countless numbers of beautifully made vintage rose gold jewellery will attest to. Rose gold has fast become a classic must have item to have in our jewellery boxes and due to its ongoing popularity, it isn’t going out of style any time soon. You can be sure to really get an investment piece that will take you through the fashions in years to come, while your jewellery remains timeless and current. We think that everyone should own a piece of exquisite rose gold jewellery, whether that be a statement rose gold chunky chain necklace or a simple pair of 18k rose gold hoop earrings, you are sure to get many years of wear out of them yet.


Rose Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

This pair of classic rose gold twisted hoops are a must have for any jewellery addict. The retro design gives them a vintage appeal that will be in style for years to come. If you are unsure where to start your rose gold jewellery collection, here is as good a place as any. The twisted hoops look fabulous paired with any outfit and their versatility means they will take you seamlessly from day to night.

small gold hoop earrings

8. Rose gold enhances gem stones.

If you are a lover of all things gem stones, you are in luck. Rose gold beautifully enhances gem stones, either together in a piece of jewellery as the backdrop of our gem stones, or paired with beaded jewellery. We love the look of rose quartz and rose gold together, it looks so dreamy and feminine. Why not pair your rose quartz beaded bracelet with a pair of small rose gold hoops. This is an attractive, romantic look which would be absolutely perfect for date night.


Rose Gold Oval twist hoop

Be bold and daring with these eccentric and unusual rose gold dangle earrings. The striking design of these hoops make them perfect for a statement piece of jewellery. You will grab attention in these unique rose gold hoop earrings and everyone will be wanting to know where you got them from.

rose gold dangle earrings

9. Rose gold jewellery is very special.

Rose gold jewellery is not as common as its yellow gold and white gold cousins, which means it is very special and very sought after. There has been a huge demand for rose gold jewellery in recent years, with many designers choosing to style their looks with rose gold jewellery. If you choose to gift a piece of rose gold jewellery, it will be very special and look a lot more romantic due to its rosy hues than yellow gold or the cooler contrast of white gold.


Rose Gold Round Tube Hoop Earrings

These classic and simple rose gold tube hoop earrings are a perfect gift for the minimalist, who choose simple shapes and less embellishment on their accessories. These hoops look fabulous with a casual, chic outfit but can also add that extra something to your favourite evening look. All in all, a great all-rounder.

rose gold huggie hoops

10. The possibilities are endless!

If there is one thing that is apparent through our list of pros of rose gold, it is that the possibility of style, design and outfit choices really are endless. As we have previously mentioned, the versatility of rose gold means it goes splendidly with any look, while the rosy tones of the gold make it wonderful against any skin tone. The possibilities for rose gold jewellery, accessories, clothing and even hair colour are endless. You might just become as obsessed with it as we are!


Yellow gold & Rose gold Twist Earrings

These earrings are exceptional in their design and have a unique look about them. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is extra special and has yellow gold, white gold and rose gold combined, then look no further than these magnificent hoop earrings.

rose gold earrings drop
If you weren’t already a lover of rose gold, we hope we have changed your mind with our blog post. There are so many reasons why people love rose gold, but of course one of the reasons is how beautiful it is. We really hope you have enjoyed being introduced to some of our rose gold hoops and that you have maybe found something to treat yourself to.
You may have some questions that we haven’t let answered and if you do, please feel free to reach out on social media or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help. Top quality customer service is one of our highest priorities and we make sure we can help however we can. If you need any further convincing of why you should choose DEMI+CO, we have some new reviews from our fabulous customers to tell you why you should spoil yourself to a pair of one of our rose gold hoop earrings.

“Got back straight away to my query and offered helpful solutions. V pleased with my bangle”

“Items arrived quickly and are as advertised Good service”

“Mrs loves it..matches her ring..very fast delivery..looks great and easy adjust to fit.”

“very good service once i found out that the item i ordered was out of stock and i bought an alternative item”

“Bracelet looks perfect, thanks so much.”


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