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As we head into the gift giving season, you may be looking for ideas for friendship gifts. Copper bangles come in all sorts of gorgeous designs and there really is something out there for everyone. Plus, with the added bonus of magnetic therapy and the natural healing powers of copper, you can have a stylish bracelet, while reaping the benefits of wearing one of our magnetic friendship bracelets. These are some of the reasons why a magnetic bracelet is the perfect friendship gift.

Here at DEMI+CO we are passionate about jewellery and we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to magnetic couple bracelets. We have put together this fun little quiz to help you find out which of our copper bracelet with magnets would suit you and your friend as the perfect friendship bracelet. Take our quiz, make a note of your answers and then see your results at the end of this blog, by adding up to find out if you scored mostly a’s, mostly b’s or mostly c’s!

Mabel Silver Magnetic Bracelet

Sleek and smooth, this minimalist couple magnetic bracelet is a great option for an every day health bracelet. This arthritis bracelet is made with strong copper and high-quality magnets that allow the wearer to reap the benefits from the dual healing powers of this copper bracelet with magnets. This elegant, chic bangle makes a gorgeous gift for a special someone. This magnetic therapy bracelet is 100 percent copper, nickel, lead and cadmium compliant.

magnetic wristband

Quiz Questions

Answer our ten questions to find out what kind of friendship you have. Make sure to answer honestly, that is all part of the fun, then add your answers up and check your results down below.

1. If you had a time machine, where would you and your friend choose to go?

a. We would travel back to see what our favourite places looked like in their heyday. Maybe the Colosseum in Rome!

b. We would love to travel back in time and go dancing at a ball, or to see stars such as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

c. We would definitely travel into the future to try all the weird and wonderful foods they come up with.

2. Which film would you and your friend choose to watch together?

a. A travel film would be great inspiration for our next adventure. Something like Eat Pray Love or Wild.

b. We both love a good musical! Something fun with lots of songs to sign and dance along to, such as Mamma Mia! or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

c. We like to watch cookery shows together and we both have our favourite TV chefs, but you can’t go wrong with a bit of classic Come Dine With Me.

Rainbow Copper Bracelet

This exquisite copper bracelet for women is such a beautiful, dainty piece of jewellery. If you are looking for something a little more colourful, this health bracelet features copper cut out links filled with a mother of pear style design, which are dotted amongst copper and diamante links. This bio magnetic bracelet is a complete show stopper.

copper bracelet for women

3. Do you know what your best friend’s favourite food is?

a. Pizza that we ate when we were in New York.

b. Anything home cooked. They love to cook and bake; we are always sharing new recipes with each other.

c. Honestly, they just love food! It would be really difficult for me to narrow down their top ten foods.

4. When your friend was a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?

a. An explorer, they wanted to travel the world and explore new places.

b. They wanted to be a whole host of things, it always changed, from racing car driver to ballerina to scientist. You name it, they wanted to be it.

c. A world class chef – they have always loved food.

Storm Copper Magnetic Bracelet – ALPHA Men’s

This elegant copper wristband is exclusive to our website and is not available to buy anywhere else. This minimalist copper bangle features our exclusive engraved ALPHA logo. This chic solid copper magnetic bracelet for men has a classic matt look, which creates a simplistically smooth copper finish with magnets studded on the inner side of the bracelet. This is a very handsome piece of jewellery.

 copper wristband

5. Do you know what music your friend likes to listen to?

a. They listen to all different types of music from different countries. They don’t stick to one genre.

b. Of course! We listen to music and go to concerts together all the time.

c. Something easy-listening, like jazz is usually on at their house when I visit for dinner parties. Something gentle that makes great background music while we chat.

6. How often do you talk to your friend?

a. We talk about once a month. We go on trips together every couple of months so that is when we really get to catch up.

b. We speak every few days! We have signed up to so many clubs, classes and activities together throughout the week.

c. We have a good catch up once a week. We take it in turns to host dinner parties each week, so we get together for that.

Odin Copper Magnetic Bracelet - ALPHA Men's 

This creative copper bracelet for arthritis features a captivating design of rope style etching. This exclusive therapeutic energy bracelet is engraved with the ALPHA logo to add the perfect finishing touch to this detailed and patterned magnetic wristband. The inner side of this bracelet is dotted with quality magnets to allow the wearer to benefit from one of these most effective magnetic bracelets.

copper bracelet for arthritis

7. Where do you and your friends usually hang out?

a. We hang out anywhere and everywhere and we like to experience new places together.

b. Where we hang out is always changing, we will meet at the gym, dance class, knitting group, book club – whatever we are signed up to that week.

c. We are either at each other’s house for a dinner party or at a fancy restaurant to sample their new menu.

8. One of your friends just recently had a bad break up. What do you do?

a. I would plan a trip for just the two of us to take their mind off things.

b. I would show up to their house with ice cream and their favourite film.

c. I would order them their favourite takeout for dinner.

Venus Magnetic Bracelet Titanium

This elegant ladies magnetic bracelet is graceful and full of timeless style and quality, just like the Roman God it is named after. Consisting of quality titanium, this magnetic bracelet for women features an intricate narrow rope pattern along the bracelet, which is dotted around the inside with full-strength magnets. This stylish and feminine piece of jewellery can be adjusted with its links to give the wearer a comfortable and secure fit, while allowing them to benefit from optimum health benefits.

ladies magnetic bracelet

9. Which of the following sounds like something you would be most likely to do together?

a. We would go on a spontaneous road trip.

b. We would have a throwback movie marathon.

c. One of us would throw a themed dinner party.

10. How many photographs do you and your friend have together?

a. We have so many photos together, I couldn’t even begin to count them.

b. We have some photos together, but not a lot.

c. We actually only have a handful of photos together.

Targaryen Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This exceptional bracelet is the perfect magnet bracelets couple gift. This men’s magnetic wristband is coated in a charcoal sheen and is laser engraved with a chic pattern to form part of out designer men’s bracelet collection. This copper wristband combines health benefits with luxury and is finished off with our exclusive engraved ALPHA logo to create a health bracelet with an elite vintage feel.

magnetic bracelets couple

The results are in…

Add up your scores to see what type of friendship you and your bestie have.

Mostly A’s – Travel Buddies

You and your friend love to travel to new places together, whether that be to a new country or just a new city close by. You share the most precious memories of all of your trips together, new experiences that you have shared or new people you have met along the way. If you are not travelling and soaking in all that the world has to offer, you are both busy planning your next big adventure together. You both embrace life and make the most of every moment. You are the best of friends and even the stress that sometimes comes along with travelling doesn’t seem to threaten your friendship.

Harmony Copper Bracelet with Diamante

These eye-catching couple bracelets magnetic are the perfect bold statement piece. These bracelets are very bling, which makes them perfect for a special gift for your friend. This bracelet combines smooth copper links and gorgeous diamante details to create a magnificent piece of jewellery. These make stunning friendship bracelets and you could even have matching ones, for a subtle token of your friendship to wear every day.

couple bracelets magnetic

Mostly B’s – Dancing Partners

You do absolutely everything together! You both love taking new classes, whether that be French lessons, dance classes or attending your local book club together. You often go to each other’s houses too, to help out with things like decorating and gardening. You love to spend time in each other’s company and try to see each other as much as possible. You are both always up for a laugh and are great fun to be around!

Hamilton Silver Bangle – ALPHA Men’s

This modern and contemporary bio magnetic bracelet combines style and function, with its wide silver cuff bracelet and dotted magnets to allow the wearer to benefit from magnetic therapy. The minimalist finish of this wristband means it is versatile enough to wear every day, with any outfit, day or night. This silver therapeutic energy bracelet is a natural pain relief that can improve blood circulation and general wellbeing. This sleek men’s silver bangle is a stylish gift, ideal for any special occasion.

bio magnetic bracelet

Mostly C’s – Foodie Friends

Your friendship is built around your shared love of food. You both love the finer things in life, and share this with each other through your dinner parties and when dining out. You love to share recipes with each other and throw exquisite parties for special occasions. You are the friends everybody wishes they had, who know how to cook absolutely anything and share food and cooking secrets while gossiping about anything and everything. You both know how to have a good time and think that food is a key ingredient in making your meet ups perfect.

Flora Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This feminine, graceful magnetic bracelet for arthritis is truly beautiful. The stunning copper bangle consists of laser engraved floral patterns and swirly vine designs. The light and dark oxidised copper adds extra detail to create a showstopping, intricate copper bracelet. This is an ideal gift for your friend and is a pretty bangle that will be treasured for years to come.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis

“Speedy, professional, helpful, I cannot rave about Demi+Co Jewellery enough. I’d buy from them again in a heartbeat and would recommend anyone else does, too.”

If you are looking for any further information about our copper bracelet range, we have plenty of blog posts and articles in our style journal to help answer your FAQs including ‘Do magnetic bracelets work?’, decide which style of bracelet would suit you and to teach you a bit more about how copper jewellery and magnetic therapy bracelets help with various health ailments.

We hope this blog post was a bit of fun and has introduced you to some of our range of magnetic bracelets that would make great friendship bracelets. There are so many different types of friends out there, but we are confident that there is something for everybody is our jewellery collection. If you ever need any further advice or have a question about our range, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or social media, where we will be more than happy to help.

“Such an easy site to get your purchase. Really satisfied with this transaction.”






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