November 05, 2020

Our copper bracelet and copper bangles here at DEMI+CO are one of our fastest sellers. Our copper wristbands and copper link bracelets sell out the quickest and we are constantly restocking! Copper is an incredibly old metal it has been around for centuries and is in fact a very pure, soft and malleable metal. Copper is very similar to gold and silver and that is why it is so flexible to use in copper bangles and wristbands, it helps the wearer to bend and mould the bracelet to the shape of their wrists which allows leeway with size, fit and comfort.

We have seen a varying trend with copper bangle and bracelets for men and women, from two tone colours with gold and silver to more patterns and matt versions too. Our matt and light matt copper bracelets are the most popular, especially within our ladies range the matt copper has a feminine rose gold tint to it.

We do get asked a lot of questions about our copper bracelet range and recently we got asked questions about copper bracelets and their sizing and how long they last. Many of our customers do buy copper bracelets with magnets as gifts for friends and family and understandably want to buy a quality bracelet that lasts. All our copper bracelets and magnetic wristbands last for many years as they are built by skilled craftspeople with quality materials. If you are still unsure checkout the answers to some of our most popular questions below, see also reviews and go have a peek at the most popular ladies copper bracelets and mens copper bracelets bought this year. You can’t miss our top 5 countdowns of each below.


Do copper bracelets work?

There is no definitive answer to this question but lots of information that at least doesn’t disprove it, many studies have taken place to test the effectiveness of copper bracelets. Majority of them conclude that copper bracelet with magnets are the ones that do have the most health benefits. For example, according to a study by the British Medical Journal on patients with osteoarthritis concluded that, patients who wore standard magnetic bracelets reported reduced pain from osteoarthritis of the hip or knee compared with patients wearing placebo bracelets.


How do copper bracelets work?

Copper is an essential nutrient required in our bodies; copper does no harm when it worn. Copper has been used as a health aid for decades and it is a pure metal like silver and gold, it is a malleable metal and it conducts heat in a similar manner. Copper wristbands can help with a number of ailments and may help with achy joints and poor circulation. As copper is a natural metal it may leave a greenish residue which can be easily removed with soapy water. Copper by itself also possesses antioxidant properties which stop free ions and radicals from increasing toxicity in the body.


How does copper benefit the body?

Copper is essential for the function of a number of antioxidant enzymes, it is also involved in vitamin C metabolism and the synthesis of collagen, a structural protein in bones and joints. Copper traces from copper jewellery and bracelets leaches excess sulphates on to the body, where they are deposited as a blue-green discolouration on the skin


How long do I have to wear one before I start getting the benefits?

This really depends on the person wearing it, some say that they see a benefit of wearing a copper bracelet with magnets within a couple of hours, some customers say a couple of days and for some a week or two. Our suggestion is to wear it for a week, all day and all night and then see if you have noticed a change in your sleep, energy levels and general wellbeing. Most of our customers do see a difference within a month or so but again this totally depends on the person and if they have been wearing it all the time.


Womens copper bracelets

Our womens copper bracelets is a newly launched range and it has definitely been incredibly popular, we have seen some ranges completely sell out two to three times over! Want to know which copper bracelets for women are our best sellers? Want to know which magnetic bracelets for ladies are the most popular? Look no further than our top 5 bestsellers of this year below.


  1. Rainbow copper bracelet

This is one of our most exquisite copper bracelets in our range, if you’re after a gorgeous and colourful bracelet that’s dainty then look no further. This copper bracelet features copper cut out square links filled with a mother of pearl style design dotted amongst copper and diamantes links, giving this magnetic bracelet sparkle and intrigue.

womens copper bracelet

Our customers say

“I was looking for a 7th anniversary present for my wife and discovered the demi + co web page. Good selection of jewellery and the bonus of gift wrap option and speedy delivery.”


  1. Petal copper bracelet with magnets

Like delicate petals of a flower this floral copper bracelet is stunning and so chic. Each copper link is in the shape of a floral petal all intertwined to create a beautiful and feminine bracelet. This intricate womens copper bracelet makes a great every day health bracelet subtle enough to wear during the day and still a bit special for evening occasions too.

ladies copper bracelet

Our customers say

“Been looking for a magnetic copper bracelet for a while. There are lots out there but I liked this one the minute I saw it. It arrived quickly and I love it. It is so pretty and such good value for money. One happy customer.”


 3. Sage copper magnetic bracelet

Delicately shaped leaf designs on this lustrous copper bracelet inspired the name for this piece. Leaf shaped copper links with intricate natural details give this ladies copper bracelet intrigue and interest. If you are after an elegant and original copper bracelet then look no further this copper bracelet combines graceful beauty and health benefits all in one.

ladies copper bracelet

Our customers say

“Ordered and delivered in 2 days. Great quality, great price and quick delivery. Excellent all round!”


  1. Celeste matt copper bracelet

Elegant, subtle and beautiful, this matt copper bracelet for women is a stunning and unique copper bracelet. This copper bracelet for women consists of a narrow braided pattern with intertwined links and subtle detailing. This copper bracelet has a lighter shade of copper with a matt coating making this women’s bracelet look incredibly exclusive and feminine.

copper bracelet for women

Our customers say



1 .Liberty copper magnetic bracelet

Our top selling ladies copper bracelet is this stunning Liberty ladies copper bangle, made with quality copper this copper bracelet bangle with magnets has an extra shiny texture which glimmers in the light making it look incredibly magnificent. There is also some very subtle and elegant laser engraved swirly vine style patterns on this copper bangle adding an extra element of detailing.

copper bracelet with magnets

Our customers say

“Having been looking at various copper magnetic bracelets for both of us we found your advert in the lady magazine and we are impressed by the selection and apparent quality of your goods compared to quite a lot we have looked at. The website was easy to negotiate and offered a good selection at very reasonable prices, this is the reason we are purchasing one for each of us.”



Mens copper bracelets

Our mens copper bracelets are one of the very first collections we created, and it is still to date one of our best selling range alongside ladies copper bracelets. We are truly passionate about copper bracelets and copper wristbands from minimal to ornate, chunky to elegant and traditional to modern. Whatever your taste we have a copper bracelet for you and for whoever you are gifting. Want to know which particular copper bangles and copper wristbands are the most popular? Then look no further than our top 5 best selling mens copper bracelets below.


  1. Storm copper magnetic bracelet

If you like things a little simpler, smoother and more refined then this copper bracelet is the ideal choice. This copper bracelet has a classic matt copper finish and minimalist magnets on the inner part of the magnetic bracelet. This copper bangle is a great everyday health bracelet and a good choice for a gift too.

copper bracelet for men

Our customers say

“Really nice quality and great customer service”

  1. Rowan copper bracelet

This copper bracelet is embellished with intricate patterns and grooves which really makes this a bold magnetic bracelet. The copper bracelet for men combines shiny copper and oxidised copper and the circular and Celtic inspired patterns add a hint of mystique and mystery. This quality adjustable copper bracelet combines health benefits and style all in one.

arthritis bracelet

Our customers say

“Great item at a reasonable price, delivered quickly with good communication at every stage. Hard to criticise anything.”

  1. Odin copper magnetic bracelet

Engraved exclusively with the Alpha logo this detailed patterned copper magnetic bracelet is artistic and original. This mens copper magnetic bangle is wide in size and has a rope style etching on the front with magnets on the inner side of the bracelet. If you like ornate detailing and a copper bracelet that is classic then this one is for you.

mens copper bracelet

Our customers say

“I brought my dad a bracelet for his birthday and he absolutely loves it good quality, super cool thank you so much”

  1. Jaimie Magnetic Link Copper Bracelet

This elegant and masculine magnetic solid copper bracelet is a must have item. Understated and sophisticated this magnetic bracelet has a slimline style with a single chain of links that have distinctive shading of light and oxidised copper. This magnetic bracelet is the ideal choice if you are after a more modest looking therapeutic bracelet that goes with any look or style.

magnetic therapy bracelet

Our customers say

“Five stars for the product ,lovely quality bracelet !!”

“Was looking for a gift for our copper anniversary and found just what I was looking for on demi and co.”


  1. Shield copper bracelet

Our top selling mens copper bracelet is this outstanding and unusual choice, break free from the heard with this exclusive laser engraved, Alpha branded, durable and manly magnetic bracelet. Plated with gloss black onto 100% copper this detailed mens bracelet with dual grooves and magnets is a health conscious and fashion forward choice.

magnetic wristband

Our customers say

“Nice site, easy to use fast delivery and very nice quality bracelet will be back again soon”

“Quality packaging and bracelet I was very impressed very happy with this gift”



At DEMI+CO we go the extra mile to ensure we use the best quality copper and that we oversee the production process to ensure our copper mens bracelets and our womens copper bracelets are made with care. We also carry a wide range of styles and varieties of mens copper bracelets from plain copper bangles to textured, braided copper bangles, oxidised and hammered copper bangles. We also have a wide variety of mens copper link bracelets from wide copper link bracelet, narrow link bracelets, silver and torque plated copper bracelets. We hope you found this article informative, do stop by and have a look through our collection of copper bracelets.

Don’t forget if you are gifting then we have a great gift wrap service, this is making the whole gift giving process so much easier, order and pay with us. We will then process, pack and wrap your gift, with a gift note and then send it off to your giftee with just a click of your mouse. We like to think of it as making life easy and gift giving even easier. Especially seeing as many of us may not see each other face to face but that shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t still give a gift to show them you care.

If you do suffer from any medical conditions please consult your doctor, GP or health professional first. Our copper bracelets and copper bracelets with magnets are beneficial but medical advice must always be taken. Please note that diabetics, those wearing pacemakers and pregnant women should not wear a copper or magnetic bracelet.



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