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When you think of Titanium do you think of a lightweight material, a metal perhaps used in some sort of engineering or aerospace industry? Well, if you are thinking that then you are on the right track but let us open your mind to the concept of titanium jewellery. Yes, from titanium wedding bands, titanium cufflinks and titanium bracelets this super metal has many versatile forms. Here at DEMI+CO we have seen a surge in interest in our titanium braceletrange and we wanted to detail as much useful info as we could in to one article.

We have also had a number of questions from customers too about our titanium magnetic bracelet range and whether the bracelets offer the same amount or a better amount of healing power. We do get a lot of questions so we may have to cover that in another topic but here we want to go through a few bits of information about titanium so that you are well informed from the history, how it all began to the benefits of wearing it as a bracelet to debunking a few myths and some seriously interesting facts. We hope you enjoy!



  • The first titanium mineral, a black sand called menachanite, was discovered in 1791 in Cornwall by the Reverend William Gregor
  • it was made up of the oxides of iron and an unknown metal, and reported it as such to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall
  • In 1795, the German scientist Martin Heinrich Klaproth of Berlin investigated a red ore known as Schörl from Hungary he realised that it was the oxide of the previously unknown element which he named titanium
  • In 1910 M.A. Hunter who was working for General Electric in the USA made pure titanium metal by hearing tetrachloride and sodium metal.

Venus magnetic bracelet titanium

This titanium magnetic bracelet consists of an intricate narrow rope pattern all along the health bracelet and it is dotted with our full-strength magnets giving the wearing optimum health benefits and a stylish and feminine look.

titanium magnetic bracelet


“Surprised how quick it arrived packaged nice happy customer”


Tori titanium magnetic bracelet

Embrace this classic and timeless style of this stunning ladies magnetic titanium bracelet which combines a criss cross weave pattern with narrow links and a smooth finish. With the added adornment of sparkly rhinestones this magnetic bracelet for arthritis is an elegant choice. This striking detailed bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably.

 titanium bracelet with magnets

Kayla magnetic bracelet

Be bold and daring with this black titanium bracelet with magnets, made with the rarest forms of titanium this bracelet is strong and sexy. Its black colour does not come from any coatings or any plating, it is organically blackened through a natural alloying and heating process.

 magnetic bracelet

Delia gold and silver magnetic bracelet

This elegant gold and silver titanium bracelet for women has a twist like pattern with one strand of gold twisted with one strand of textured silver. This unique design is very bold, and the textured detailing adds to the wow factor, this chic magnetic bracelet for women combines the best of both health benefits and style.

gold titanium bracelet

“This bracelet looks better than the picture very nice fits well”



  • Titanium metal is not as cheap because it is more difficult to extract
  • Titanium metal has some unbelievably valuable properties in practice, it is pretty unreactive because, like aluminium, it forms a thin protective layer of the oxide, so it doesn't corrode
  • Its density is 4.5 grams less than iron, so titanium alloys are important in the aerospace industry
  • It was used to make much of the SR-71 Blackbird, the world's fastest manned aircraft, as well as a major part of the engines and airframe of the big passenger aircraft including 747s and Airbuses


This metal is resistant to seawater, so it finds marine applications like propeller shafts, and the Russians are said to have used it to construct submarines. Titanium isn't toxic, and it is not rejected by the body. It also connects with bone, so it has found surgical applications such as in joint replacements - especially hip joints and tooth implants.


All our titanium bracelets are made with grade 2 titanium which is the most popular grade used in jewellery. It shares the same qualities as grade 1 but is durable, malleable, stronger and corrosion resistant. Titanium is also known to have little reactions or irritations and therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin. Titanium magnetic bracelets are becoming increasingly popular, we have seen a surge in interest from our customers.

The great aspect of titanium is that there are so many benefits of titanium, before being used in jewellery titanium was used initially in aerospace, now we have those benefits available in our range of magnetic bracelets too.


Our titanium bracelets are also:

  • Anti-allergy
  • Lightweight
  • Robust and strong
  • High corrosive resistance
  • Have natural Healing therapy


We also use high strength Neodymium High Grade Magnets in all our arthritis bracelets which are custom made for strength and have 12500 Gauss. Ensuring all our customers have the very best strength and healing power every time they wear our magnetic bracelets and copper bangles. Magnets have a number of healing benefits, they can help with rheumatism, joint pains and more. Metals like iron, zinc and magnesium are essentially components already found in the human body.


Tyler titanium magnetic bracelet

Matt light grey links with a shading of darker grey adds extra finesse and detailing which makes this mens arthritis bracelet truly one of a kind. This magnetic titanium bracelet is easily shortened to fit any size or wrist comfortably.

magnetic bracelets for him


“Wish id come across this site sooner nice bracelet thanks”


Topher titanium magnetic bracelet

Masculine and tough, are two ways to describe our mens titanium magnetic bracelets. Large square links of lightweight titanium are strung together with smaller rectangular links which give extra width and attention to detail. This magnetic bracelet for arthritis combines elegance, performance and health benefits all in one.

 titanium magnetic bracelet


  • Titanium will irritate my skin
  • Titanium doesn’t last long
  • Titanium won’t offer any extra health benefits
  • Titanium is easy to break
  • Titanium isn’t as stylish as silver or other metals
  • Titanium looks cheap
  • Titanium isn’t a good quality metal

Leo titanium magnetic bracelet

Simple and elegant silver magnetic bracelet that is slimline, lightweight and easy to wear. A great everyday bracelet that is full of health benefits, reap all the magnetic therapy with this stylish and modern mens magnetic bracelet.

 arthritis bracelet with magnets


“Bought this as a gift really happy and nice gift box”


Caleb titanium magnetic bracelet

This timeless mens magnetic titanium bracelet is strong and resilient yet incredibly light, so much so that you won’t even be able to tell you have one on! The classic design and the subtle finish and detailing means that this arthritis bracelet will give you all the health benefits with added elegance.

 titanium bracelet with magnets


  • Titanium magnetic bracelet won’t irritate your skin, titanium alloys are inert and does not contain nickel or cobalt which is what causes skin irritation. In short titanium is safe to wear and hypoallergenic.
  • Titanium will last a long time as it is incredibly strong and far stronger than conventional materials. Titanium can last a lifetime.
  • Titanium doesn’t directly offer a range of health benefits but when there are magnets within the bracelet you will reap the full magnetic therapy when worn.
  • Titanium can look just as stylish in fact even more, there is a blackening process that leaves titanium jewellery with a matt black colour which looks incredibly suave.
  • Titanium is a metal that offers value for money, but it is not cheap and nor does it look cheap, if you buy from a reputable jeweller like us then we can assure you a quality lightweight bracelet which offers you health benefits whilst looking incredibly stylish.
  • Titanium is one of the best metals around it offers strength, durability, versatility and much more


Hadrian titanium magnetic bracelet

This artistic and textured mens magnetic titanium bracelet is an original design, simple silver titanium links are place alongside feathered detailed magnetic links to create a visually striking and stylish arthritis bracelet.

 magnetic bracelets uk

Zane titanium magnetic bracelet

This simple and minimal titanium bangle contains all the benefits of a health bracelet under the guise of a cool titanium wristband. This suave and black titanium bangle has a matt finish and is super light, wearing this health bracelet would be like wearing nothing at all.

 magnetic bangle

So, we thought we would also add in a quick question and answer with our buyer Andy who is responsible for many of our super magnetic bracelets and find out his day to day life and what he thinks about titanium magnetic bracelets.



Can you tell us why you launched a titanium magnetic bracelet range?

“We launched the titanium magnetic bracelet range because we had a couple of customers asking about it and we also had a few conversations about it with the manufacturers. It was an area that we definitely had an interest in, and it was something we had been considering for a while before we actually launched it. Interestingly we initially went with a few mens bracelets and a few unisex styles thinking it would be the mens range that would be popular due to the technical benefits and the practical side, but it turns out women were more interested in buying the unisex ones. We then selected a few more elegant feminine titanium magnetic bracelets and they flew off the shelf – in fact a few are still out of stock and we can’t get them replenished quick enough.”


What is your favourite one?

“I like them all to be honest, they are super light and very stylish in their design and look. It is really difficult to choose just one. I also like the colour variations and find the black titanium bracelets look great for evening looks, it adds a certain drama to your look – whilst obviously giving you healing benefits.”


What do you think the future of titanium bracelets and titanium jewellery is?

“It is hard to tell for sure, but I feel that as a metal it hasn’t peaked yet, so the only way is up. There are so many possibilities as the metal is so strong yet so light, it would make a great base for large earrings that don’t pull on your ear or a statement necklace that won’t feel weighty and so on. I predict big things and I feel our collection may increase as well.


Matteo titanium magnetic bracelet

Similar to our Hadrian bracelet this magnetic bracelet combines all the features of the silver version but in a matt black titanium making all the detail stand out even more. This textured magnetic bracelet for arthritis is super suave, elegant and stylish if you like an understated look with a bit of uniqueness then this one’s for you.

 titanium bracelet with magnets

Fabio titanium magnetic bracelet

One of our most dramatic looking mens magnetic bracelet that we have ever had, this super techy titanium bracelet looks ultra modern and totally slick in design and fit. Lightweight matt black titanium links are gilded with silver touches to just the edges of each link. This futuristic arthritis bracelet would be the perfect treat for yourself or a gift.

 black titanium bracelet

We hope you found this blog post useful, we tried to include as much information as we could about magnetic bracelets, titanium bracelets, titanium magnetic bracelets, the history, benefits, myths and realities too. We hope you found the interview useful and that you feel you are equipped and knowledgeable about all things titanium. As ever we are always learning and the field is always ever changing if you feel we may have missed something out or we havent covered a particular point or if you have a question about anything, we have mentioned in this article please do get in touch are team are always happy to help!





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