février 11, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO, we believe that no matter what your lockdown style is, accessories can really finish off your look and make you feel more put together. It is important to feel good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin, especially if what your wearing provides you with health benefits too. We are passionate about our magnetic bracelet range as we have an array of statement and elegant pieces that all provide magnetic therapy whilst looking beautiful. 

Our ladies’ magnetic bracelets are some of our most popular items and it isn’t hard to see why. We like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to magnetic therapy bracelets. We are knowledgeable on magnets and their natural health benefits and have seen more than enough magnetic bracelets in our time, that we are confident we can help our customers with informed decisions on which one will suit you.

During lockdown some of us find that we may have to work extra hard to ensure that our mental and physical wellbeing doesn't decline. This could be through exercise, mental health breaks, walks, talking to friends and family and watching positive films or reading uplifting books. We at DEMI+CO have definitely seen in an increase in our sales of magnetic bracelets for men and womens magnetic bracelets. Although we like to make it clear that the benefits of magnetic therapy may differ from person to person our customers have been giving us some amazing feedback on how our healing bracelets have helped them! If you are unsure on the benefits of arthritis bracelets or copper bracelets with magnets then read on to see if it clears up some of the myths you may have!


Ariana Magnetic Bracelet

Our Ariana Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet has all the charm with its dainty floral and leaf style links delicately strung together. This bracelet is adorned with pink sapphire style stones and white diamantes, making it magnificent to look at. All of our link bracelets are easily shortened to fit any size wrist comfortably, helping you to find the perfect fit to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy.

magnetic bracelet for arthritis


 “Lovely bracelet very pleased with how quick it arrived, good adjustable tool so could make bracelet to size as only have small wrist”


Our ladies’ magnetic bracelets are some of our most popular items and it isn’t hard to see why. We like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to arthritis bracelets. We are knowledgeable on magnets and their natural health benefits and have seen more than enough magnetic bracelets in our time, that we are confident we can help our customers with informed decisions on which one will suit you.


Magnetic Therapy

The natural healing powers of magnetic therapy have been used by people for many centuries. At DEMI+CO we believe in the healing powers of magnets and we love hearing from our customers that tell us their stories of how the healing benefits of our magnetic bracelets for arthritis has helped them. There is not much research into why magnetic therapy works, but it effects the metals in the body like iron, zinc and magnesium. These metals are essential to our overall health and magnetism is able to create a beneficial change in the body to help with circulation, pain relief and many more ailments.


“I bought my magnetic bracelet as I have arthritis in my hand and I thought I would try it,it has worked ,the pain is no longer as strong it's not gone away but its bearable.The designs of these bracelets are lovely alot of choice would recommend”


Stainless Steel Jewellery

We choose the highest quality stainless steel for our health bracelets and we are lucky to have the most skilled craftsmen working on creating our range. We ensure that we have a fantastic range of styles and designs for our customers, so that you can find a style that suits you. Some of the benefits of wearing our stainless steel bracelets, is that it is practical, hard wearing and extremely strong, making it resilient to stain and water.


Kylie Magnetic Bracelet

Our Kylie bracelet is a truly magnificent piece, similar to our other pearl and rainbow bracelets, this stunning magnetic bracelet for women combines style and function. The square links have a gorgeous purple mother of pearl affect on every single link. This bracelet is fantastic to help alleviate pain caused by arthritis while looking fabulous.

 magnetic bracelet for arthritis



We have a range of styles of stainless steel magnetic bracelets for women and we wanted to put together this blog post to showcase some of our new arrivals, while having a bit of fun with it. Take our quiz below to find out what magnetic bracelet we think would suit your lockdown style.



1. How have you mostly been spending your time during lockdown?

    a. It has been very busy for me, juggling working from home at my job between teaching at home lessons for my children.

    b. I have been working full time from home, so my time has been spent planning meetings and having lots of video calls with my colleagues to discuss our work projects.

    c. I have really enjoyed the extra time I have had to slow down and re-evaluate what is meaningful in my life. I have spent more time clearing out and decluttering my home, and really enjoying the extra time I have had to enjoy my surroundings.


    2. What has been your go to outfit to put on during lockdown?

    a. I like to feel comfortable and tend to choose versatile tops and trousers that can take me from running my usual errands to helping the kids with their online classes.

    b. I am always dressed in my usual workwear. I liked to make sure I am always ready for any online video calls I need to make with my colleagues and have stayed dressing in my general office clothes to help me distinguish between time at work and my down time.

    c. I have really enjoyed feeling cosy at home, some days I choose to just wear some stylish loungewear and days when I am heading out the house for a walk or to nip to the supermarket, I wear my favourite pair of jeans and a comfy white t-shirt.


      Delia Gold and Silver Magnetic Bracelet

      Our Delia Magnetic Bracelet is an elegant and understated gold and silver titanium bracelet. The twist pattern adds unique details to this sophisticated bracelet, making it a perfect accessory for those with a timeless style.


      magnetic bracelet uk


      3. What do you do for entertainment in the evenings or at weekends?

        a. At the weekend I like to go for walks with my family and enjoy the green outdoor spaces local to us.

        b. I definitely enjoy games night with my family, rather than Zoom. It is nice to have a break from technology.

        c. I put on a podcast, burn a candle and make a little bit of time for self care.


          4. What are your go to plans for food?

            a. I have really been utilising my slow cooker, it has been great to prep dinner in the morning and pop it into the slow cooker all day, so it is ready for dinner. I really like family favourites like stew and casseroles.

            b. It has been so busy with work that I have just been eating meals from the freezer. At the weekends I like to put time aside to batch cook meals for the week and freeze them so they are ready to go on weekdays.

            c. Lockdown has given me extra time to try out all of my Pinterest recipes that I have saved. I love trying different healthy, comfort food recipes and I am guilty of baking one too many banana breads over lockdown!


              Amara Silver Magnetic Bracelet

              Our Amara stainless steel magnetic bracelet boasts of a distinctive style and beautiful silver and gold circular patterns. This energy bracelet also has glitz and glam with its bejewelled pink sapphire style stones and white diamante stones. Reap the natural health benefits of magnets in this stunning, classic lady’s magnetic bracelet.

              womens arthritis bracelet


              5. What are you most looking forward to once lockdown has ended?

                a. I can not wait to meet up with my extended family for a get together with lots of good food.

                b. I am looking forward to impromptu cocktails with my work colleagues after work on a Friday, I’m missing my girls!

                c. I usually host a games night with my close friends where we meet up to play board games and have a good laugh, I can’t wait to be able to do this again.


                  6. What has been on your watch list during lockdown?

                  a. Our TV has had a mix of educational programmes on for the kids and family friendly movies for us all to enjoy.

                  b. I have been binging all the fantastic new Netflix series. Who else is obsessed with Bridgerton?!

                  c. My go to has been interesting documentaries or my favourite films. I have really had the time to go through my watchlist and catch up on the films I had missed.


                    Amara Rose Magnetic Bracelet

                    Our breath taking Amara Rose magnetic bracelet for women is stunningly crafted. The rose coloured stainless steel gives this bracelet a timeless appeal, while adding a touch of glamour with pink sapphire style stones and white diamantes. This is definitely a stunning answer to magnetic therapy bracelets.

                     ladies arthritis bracelet



                    7. Who are you most looking forward to seeing once lockdown ends?

                    a. I can’t wait to see all my mum-friends at the school gates, I have really missed catching up and gossiping with them!

                    b. I can’t wait to see my other half. It has been hard not living together during this lockdown and it will be nice to go out on a proper date again.

                    c. I am really missing my pub quiz team down the local and I can not wait to meet up with them once we’re allowed to.


                      8. What have you been using Zoom for other than work meetings?

                        a. Our family have had a few quizzes and we have taken it in turn to host and ask the questions, which has been great. It feels like we are together even when we’re apart.

                        b. I have had a couple of Zoom dates which have been fun!

                        c. I have done a few virtual escape rooms with my friends which have been a great laugh.


                        Adriana Magnetic Bracelet

                        Our Adriana magnetic link bracelet is a showstopper statement piece. Featuring beautiful gold and silver detail, this bracelet really does steal the limelight. This really is a gorgeous magnetic bracelet perfect as a gift or treat for yourself.

                        ladies health bracelet


                        9. What is your lockdown evening routine?

                        a. Put the kids to bed, catch up on a bit of work and then have a couple of hours watching TV before bed.

                        b. I am guilty of staying up until 4am binge watching Netflix.

                        c. I have my own meditation routine, I read a chapter of my current book and then I’m asleep by 10pm.


                        10. What does your first trip look like when travel is allowed again?


                        a. A staycation with family, either at our favourite British seaside town or a camping holiday in one of the UK’s national parks. Something for all of the family!

                        b. I plan on organising a week away all inclusive to Ibiza with my girls, we’re in need to a girl trip!

                        c. A cultural weekend city break to somewhere in Europe.


                          Sage Silver and Gold Bracelet

                          Our Sage silver and gold bracelet has an elegantly shaped leaf design. This bracelet is a timeless and classic design and the naturally feminine shape of the links adds a divine touch to this women’s magnetic therapy bracelet.

                          gold magnetic bracelet


                          The results are in…

                          Mostly A’s – The Busy Mum.

                          Your style is laidback but you always look put-together. Your style is classic, simple and functional, so that whether you’re running to get the weekly food shop, are a stand-in teacher while the kids are home from school or you are catching up on housework, you always try to look your best.

                          We think you will love our:

                           Kirsty Magnetic Bracelet.

                          This colourful and vivid copper bangle adds the finishing touch to any outfit and can be dressed up or down. This stylish womens copper bracelet is made with high quality copper and combines bands of copper, gold and silver to create a truly one off statement therapeutic bracelet. This is perfect for the busy mum who can feel well dressed and accessorized with this simple, sophisticated touch.

                          copper bangle


                          Mostly B’s – The Work From Home Queen.

                          You’re a career-orientated lady who knows exactly what she wants. You like to dress sophisticated and your go to is an elegant blouse and pencil skirt for your countless Zoom meetings. You love to look smart and it helps you to feel prepared for any unplanned work video calls that may be dropped on you.

                          We think you will love our:

                           Elodie Magnetic Bracelet

                          Our silver twist Elodie bracelet is subtle, shiny and very chic. This bracelet looks perfect paired with anything and is simple enough to wear to the office (or to the home office!) This copper bracelet with magnets consists of a narrow copper band with a silver finish that is strong, polished and very feminine. Reap the benefits of magnetic therapy with this bracelet, that features full strength magnets to help you with your ailments.

                          copper bracelet with magnets


                          Mostly C’s – The Minimalist.

                          Your style is simple and minimalistic, you like to feel comfortable when tackling any of your weekly tasks and your go to is a pair of slim fit jeans and a crisp white t-shirt. You love to make the most of the time you have at the moment to focus on your projects while taking time to slow down.

                          We think you will love our:

                          Tess Copper Bracelet

                          This stunningly simple high shine copper bangle is perfect for those who love the minimalist style. This women’s copper bracelet is the perfect answer to an everyday health bracelet while still providing all the style of a statement cuff. This bracelet can look great dressed up or down, and is the perfect answer for any minimalist looking for a versatile bracelet to wear every day.

                          copper bangle





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