March 12, 2021

Here at DEMI+CO we have been researching the top trends for nursery décor in 2021. The nursery is a place you can really get creative when it comes to decoration and there are so many different styles to choose from. We like to research trends and stay up to date with what our customers want. We have recently launched a whole range of brand new word art prints that are perfect wall decals for nursery.

We have delved a little deeper into what the top trends are for 2021, so whether you are planning for a new baby or you just want to give your existing nursery or play room a refresh, you have come to the right place! We will introduce you to some of our gorgeous nursery wall art on the way. You never know, this blog post might just spark some inspiration! Continue reading to find out what the hottest trends for children’s rooms are this year.

We Hold Our Babies Hands For A Short While But Their Hearts Forever

This gorgeous nursery print features a loving quote and would look perfect on the wall of a new baby. This quote is truly timeless and would make a great gift for an expectant mother to add the finishing touch to her new nursery.

nursery wall art
Wall art doesn’t cost the Earth

Wall art and word prints are a reasonably priced option when you want to give a room a fresh new look. Interiors can be expensive and with ever changing trends not only in fashion, but also in homeware, it can be difficult to keep up. Fresh paint, new linen or a complete room overhaul doesn’t come cheap, but by simple swapping your pictures on the walls, changing position of existing wall art and adding one or two more to make a picture wall or printing one of our word quotes large to make a feature and ways to give your room a new look without it costing the Earth. Why not treat yourself to some of our new printable word art before you reach for a paint chart? Your bank balance will thank you and your home will look just as stunning.

First We Had Each Other, Then We Had You, Now We Have Everything

This lovely wall art inspirational quote adds a chic touch to any nursery and would love great in a new baby’s bedroom. This is the perfect baby shower gift that keeps on giving. The classic quote and quirky design means it will look great on the bedroom wall as the baby grows into a child and beyond. This is a lovely gift or a stunning addition to an exiting nursery.

nursery art prints
Adding character to your home

Everybody wants their home to reflect something else, whether that is your style and tastes or you want to convey a touch of elegance or luxury. Wall art can help achieve this, with different styles suiting different homes and tastes. Minimalism is a huge trend right now and adding minimal, classic décor such as a piece of black and white wall art can add a touch of class to your home, while representing your own styles, tastes or interests. We have a gorgeous range of black and white prints that can give your home an overall boost, and that would also look great in a nursery.

Pinterest is full of monochrome nursery ideas, that are increasingly popular as they are neutral, versatile and classic. Choosing to decorate your nursery in monochrome black and white will give your nursery a sleek modern twist and a piece of stunning baby room wall art will really finish off the walls in your nursery.

Once Someone Touches Your Heart Their Fingerprints Will Last Forever 01

This heartfelt quote is a beautiful addition to any baby room. The elegant wording and the fingerprint detail are what makes this nursery art special. This would be a wonderful gift and will likely be kept as a keepsake for many years. This quote would look just lovely in any room of the house, not just the nursery.

baby room wall art

Our customers love this classic wall art and they have left some fabulous feedback too. They say:

“Bought this as a gift very easy to use website, quick download too”
“Got this for my kids room it looks great”
“Really good quality design”

A pop of colour

If you fancy a baby room that is a little bit more colourful, word art can really help bring your dream to life. Colourful baby rooms and nurseries are one of the only places in your home that you can really embrace bright colours, wacky designs and fun prints. A child’s room is a place that they won’t just sleep in, they will play and it should be a space to spark their curiosity and imagination too.

Colours can help to stimulate the child’s senses and a carefully designed room will be a place they love throughout their early years. You can add a splash of colour with some of our cheerful children’s wall art, that will keep your child intrigued as they grow.

And In The Middle Of The Chaos There Was You

This fun and bright family quote print will add a meaning pop of colour to your nursery walls. The quote is a lovely reminder to your little one just how much they mean to you and it is sure to be an inspirational wall quote that they adore.

baby wall art
Sleep All Night

Transform your little one’s nursery with this colourful printable wall art. This quote was made for the bedroom and we are obsessed with this print and love the colour combination – perfect for a baby’s nursery and is versatile and timeless enough to be a permanent fixture in their bedroom as they grow.

childrens wall art
Our top trends of designing your nursery

  1. Choose a style or theme

Settling on a cohesive theme will ensure your nursery comes together and looks fantastic. Maybe you want to style it around space, wildlife or even your favourite children’s stories, by choosing a theme or a specific style, you ensure your nursery décor all comes together perfectly.
  1. Pick a colour palette

Try to pick a lovely, soothing colour palette. By deciding on several colours you like together, you can keep it interesting with different harmonious colours to really personalise your nursery and make it feel special. Our styling tip is to choose nursery wall art that have similar colours to create the perfect finishing touch to your baby room. For example, if you colour palette focuses on green, why not choose word art that incorporates your colour, to ensure that your nursery décor compliments the rest of your room.

Out Of The Mountain Of Despair, A Stone Of Hope

This beautiful family wall art features a lovely family quote, with its minimalist black and white style and pop of colour on the word “hope”. This print is a lovely finishing touch to any nursery wall.
 black white print

What I Love Most About My Home Is Who I Share It With

Transform your baby's nursery with this stylish baby room wall art. The colour highlight adds a chic touch to this black and white wall art.

 black and white wall art

  1. Choose the perfect textiles

Choosing the perfect textiles first is so important. If you find the perfect baby bedding of your dreams, you can always colour match this for the walls. A super tip so that you can make sure that your textiles compliment the rest of your space.
  1. Have a focal point

Nurseries are often focused on the crib, but it is completely up to you. Choose your main focal point and accentuate this area. Maybe even try a feature wall or a focal piece of nursery artwork hanging above your crib, dresser or a chair. It will look stylish and timeless.

Other Things May Change Us But We Start And End With Family

This gorgeous art print is the perfect answer to a nursery feature wall. Print out and frame this nursery wall decal in a large size and hang in your chosen location. All eyes will be drawn to this beautiful family quote print.

family wall art

  1. Decorate the ceiling

Obviously, babies spend a lot of time on their backs, so having a nicely painted ceiling in a soothing colour or a gorgeous mural will give your little one something to look at and think about. This can be a great way to enhance the theme you have chosen for your baby room.
  1. Choose eco-friendly options

Eco-friendly options are becoming more and more accessible. Designing an eco-friendly nursery is good for the planet and good for your baby too! Choose non-toxic, child-safe paints to paint the walls with. Why not upcycle a piece of old furniture, such as a book shelf? This would look great decorated with a few framed prints to ensure a cohesive, beautiful nursery.
  1. Get creative with storage

The internet is full of magical and innovative baby room storage ideas! Having shelves to display baby books and pictures is a very popular choice and this will add a focal point to the nursery, while allowing you to easily grab a bedtime story to soothe your little one.
  1. Think long term & leave the room to grow

When you are decorating your nursery, think of it as a space for your child to grow into. Leave space for your nursery to develop into a toddler room. Make sure you have enough space to change that crib into a toddler bed. Think ahead to get the most out of your space.

Together Is Our Favourite Place To Be

Show your walls some love with this stunning, heartfelt printable wall art. This is the perfect answer to nursery art, that will remain a gorgeous addition, long after they have grown out of their nursery.

romantic wall art

  1. Make the décor interesting

Don’t neglect the décor of your nursery. Making the art choices interesting will keep your little one inspired and makes a room perfect for creativity. You want a positive space that your little one loves to spend time in.
  1. Accessorise!

Of course, accessorise! You can bring your own touch to the nursery and as your child develops and grows into their own style and tastes, you can incorporate their choices together with yours for a truly harmonious kid’s room that represents your life as a family.

Never Let The Things You Want Make You Forget The Things You Have

Create an amazing space with your family in mind. This stunning wall quote adds a pop of colour to your walls. This lovely meaningful quote would look great displayed in any room and the family message is perfect for an inspired baby room.

childrens wall art
We hope that you found this blog post useful and you have enjoyed reading our top tips for designing and decorating the nursery of your dreams. We love home interiors and at DEMI+CO we are passionate about making sure that we have gorgeous wall art that will suit a range of tastes and styles, while remaining bang up to trend and timeless. We are always happy to answer any burning questions you might have, just reach out to us via email or social media and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are a few of our newest testimonials that our fantastic customers have posted on Trustpilot about our service and products. We will let these reviews speak for themselves!

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