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ottobre 07, 2020

Here at DEMI+CO we like to think a little outside the box when it comes to our articles and blog posts and although we have a little knowledge of astrology we thought we’d delve a little deeper in to the world of zodiac signs. Astrology and Astronomy are two sciences that have been linked for centuries, the zodiac is defined as the study of the planets and the influence on life. The study of the zodiac is based on an area of the sky through which the sun, mood and planets appear are divided in to twelve equal parts each with a name and a symbol and are each connected to an exact time of year. Your zodiac sign is dependent on your date and month of birth which then enables you to determine which sign you are.

Although there are many discrepancies over the personality types that are gathered for each star sign, we thought it would be a bit of fun to find out and then advise on the best gold hoop earrings for each sign. So why not have a little peek and who knows we may have just hit the nail on the head with personalised gold hoop earrings that are perfect for you.

 Aries starsign

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

Aries are said to be blessed with a creative mind and are full of great ideas. Aries are competitive which contributes to many great successes in their lives. Your achievements form a positive influence on those around you and inspire them to be as enthusiastic as you are. However, on the other side you can sometimes assert your opinions and ideas in any situation no matter the context and sometimes people may accuse you of making things all about you. Nonetheless your warm personality makes those close to you want to be around you.

We think you’ll love our Macy Gold Bamboo Hoops.

Your bold and outgoing nature requires your look to be bright and vibrant, statement accessories, bold prints and patterns. More importantly your accessories have to reflect your vivid personality and these beautiful gold bamboo hoops demand attention and the design will no doubt show off your creative fun side!

gold bamboo hoops


 gold hoops top 10

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

You are one of the most ambitious of the zodiac! You work hard to achieve your goals and have an amazing intuition for the world around you. You are extremely dependable and your friends are always assured that you will be there for them, no matter what. Your weakness is that you are very stubborn. Your unwavering values makes it a little hard for you to admit when you’re wrong and just like the bull of the zodiac you can be inflexible and indeed, stubborn. Nonetheless your passion and drive is infectious to those around you.

We think you’ll love our Mariah Gold Ribbed Hoops.

These large gold hoops will go perfectly with any outfit of your choice and they will be there for you to form the base of any of your looks. These textured gold hoops are gorgeous and dependable, just like you! These simple gold hoops will take you from day to night and are a must for your jewellery box.

thick gold hoop earrings

 starsign gold hoops

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Geminis have a bubbly personality and make friends easily, by being funny, smart and adaptable. You are very outgoing and love to make people laugh, often with your quick-wit and interesting stories. However, represented by the twins, Geminis are often regarded as being cunning and at times a little unreliable by leaving plans to the last minute, or not replying to emails. Your intelligence and curiosity can often make you appear nosy, you have a thirst for knowledge but your interest in other people and your numerous questions can be taken the wrong way sometimes. Nonetheless your spirit and charm always wins those close to you around.

We think you’ll love our Serena Textured Earrings.

Show your spirited side with our beautiful and bold Serena gold earrings. Large open cut square shaped earrings which have a textured gold detailing that shimmers in any light. These gold shiny earrings will compliment your zodiac personality perfectly and will appeal to your extroverted and sociable side.

large gold hoop earrings

 gold hoops

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

As a Cancer, you are very empathetic and are a natural nurturer. People want to be in your presence because you’re so caring and intuitive. Your loving nature is one of your greatest assets which is why Cancers are so adored by signs alike. However, you can be emotional and a little cranky. Your crabbiness can make you a little bit bossy and you can let your emotions get the better of you which affects those close to you. Nonetheless those close to you will know that your intentions come from a caring place.

We think you’ll love our Twisted Love Rose Gold Hoops.

The romantic shade of rose gold makes these earrings perfect to show off your loving nature. These thick rose gold hoops have a very shiny look and the twist in these twist hoops make these rose gold hoops even more noticeable. These gorgeously feminine rose gold hoops make the perfect presents for the lovable Cancerians.

rose gold hoop earrings

 best gold hoop earrings

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leos are extremely charismatic, bright and fiery. You are a natural leader and make strong friendships that last for years and years. You are very energetic and generous, which is why people love you. However, sometimes you can come across as a little self-absorbed. Your sign is ruled by the sun, but the world does not always revolve around you. Your ego is the biggest in the zodiac and the most fragile, meaning you often demand attention. Nonetheless those close to you can’t resist your charm and charisma that always shines through.

We think you’ll love our Riri Gold Bubble Hoops.

These gold thick hoops are the ideal show stopping gold plated hoops for you. These chunky gold hoops are bright and beautiful like yourself. Not only are these wide gold hoops attention-grabbing they make the perfect statement piece to add to your jewellery collection.

wide gold hoop earrings


 gold hoop earrings for women

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

As a Virgo you are diligent, aware and analytical. You have a keen eye for detail and are practical and hardworking. You always want to help those around you, who depend on you for your intelligence and resourcefulness. However, the bad side of Virgo is that you can be seen as a perfectionist. You love to take control and can become obsessed with minor details fixating on any tiny mistake. Nonetheless those that know you know that your perfectionism only has the best intentions, and you are admired for your ambition.

We think you’ll love our Carrie 10mm Gold Huggie Hoops.

These tiny gold hoop earrings are small and delicate which will definitely be appreciated by a Virgo. Neat and practical just like you, our Carrie huggie hoops are perfect for all year round, never go out of style and are a basic necessity for any jewellery box.

small gold hoops

 gold hoops top 10

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra’s thrive in social spaces, you are the life and soul of your friendship group and you have a caring, careful and thoughtful side which makes you one of the most reliable and loyal of friends. Your grace, wit and diplomacy is very useful, you are a sign that doesn’t like conflicts and can easily put out fires in confrontational situations. You do however have a flighty and slightly fickle side, your need to people please can make you come across as a little bit over the top and that can lead you in to troubled waters in relationships and those close to you. Nonetheless those that know you know your real personality are aware of your caring and loyal side which wins them over every time.

 The gold hoops for you are our Meghan Assorted Gold Hoops

This fabulous gold hoop earring set is ideal for your personality as you have a wide range of hoop sizes to suit your moods and occasions. The small gold hoops are ideal for every day, there are the medium gold hoop earrings suitable for a more bold look and the large gold hoop earrings ideal for evenings and occasions where a more bold look is required.

gold hoop earrings set

 chunky gold hoops

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpions are deep thinkers, cautious and tend to be a little suspicious. The intensity and depth you have due to your nature can be great for relationships and friends as you are trustworthy. However, your analytical side can get the better of you and may make you doubt your friends, family and strangers. Balance is required to ensure that you stay light-hearted and upbeat and your ambitious streak is generally admired.

The gold hoops for Scorpions are Riley Gold Twist Hoops

These stunning gold twist hoops are very easy to wear but command all the attention. Shiny strands of gold are twisted together to give these medium hoops gold an incredibly unique look. Although these chunky gold hoops look bold and big, they are hollow making them super light and comfortable to wear.

 medium gold hoop earrings

 twisted gold hoops

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Witty, outgoing and knowledge hungry a sign that is full of life and confidence. Sagittarians have a never ending need to learn and travel and your ability to keep people entertained with your stories and charm is what makes you so very social and loveable. You can however be a little bit too strong with your points of view and forgetting to listen as much as you talk in a conversation can be something that you can work on. However, your loyalty and charisma is what reminds those close to you of how much you are valued.


The gold hoops for Sagittarians are Raven Assorted Gold Hoops

These wide gold hoops are the perfect choice for the wild at heart Sagittarians, with 3 pairs to choose from you have a size for all the functions and socials you need to attend to. Want to be bold go for the large gold hoop earrings or want to wear a statement pair to the office then go with the small gold hoops. The choice really is yours.

gold hoop earrings set

 gold hoops review

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

One of the most serious of star signs in the zodiac Capricorns are very tenacious, dedicated, disciplined and are incredibly ambitious. Not just career focused but a good leader in any situation in work or outside of work. However, Capricorns lack balance, they may find it hard to switch off and have a social life. People close to you may also find your strict and bossy ways a bit too much to deal with, learn to have more balance and enjoy life a bit more. After all work hard play hard is what life is really all about.


The gold hoops for Capricorns are Carrie 10mm gold huggie hoops

These small gold hoops are ideal for work focused Capricorns, tiny gold hoops are ideal for the office and look great with your casual wardrobe too.


small gold hoop earrings

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

The most eccentric and quirkiest star sign in the zodiac your need to stand out with your views and opinions makes you one of a kind. You like to be different, think different and you are different, incredibly wacky, creative and a deep thinker. However there are times when your weirdness and your need to exert your opinion can shock people not necessarily in a good way. There are times when you may need to go with the flow and realise that you don’t need to always be different or alienate yourself, there is no harm in agreeing with conventional methods from time to time.


The gold hoops for Aquarius are our Morgan Textured Gold Hoops

Intricate and textured gold hoops are the one for Aquarians they are detailed and perfect in proportion, these medium gold hoops are ideal for perfectionists like Aquarians.

textured gold hoop earrings

 thin gold hoops


Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

Your kindness and sensitivity makes you one of the gentlest star sign in the zodiac, you are a dreamer and very spiritual but you are also a go getter and a grafter. Your daydreamy like quality makes you a very endearing and your sensitive nature enables you to connect deeply with so many people so easily. You do however have a tendency to day dream a bit too much and head towards the more forgetful side, this does make you come across as careless or preoccupied but your kind nature always wins people over.

The gold hoop earrings we recommend for Pisces is our Jasmine crystal rose gold hoops

Beautiful and dainty with a twist of glam these rose gold hoop earrings are the perfect choice for Pisces. Slight enough to suit your gentle personality but bold enough for when you want to really be glam, these rose gold hoops are the perfect choice for you.

 rose gold hoops





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