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ottobre 01, 2020

Gold hoop earrings are a must have in every woman’s jewellery box, whether they are your everyday small gold hoops or your thick gold hoops for when you are feeling bold. One of the most important parts of owning gorgeous hoop earrings is to ensure that you are storing them right, cleaning them and keeping them perfect so that they look amazing for years to come.

At DEMI+CO we do like to go the extra mile with our customers and that means ensuring that we are fully available to talk and handle queries and after care advice. One of the most important and popular questions we get is how do I clean my gold hoop earrings, or my gold plated hoops are lovely how do I stop them from getting tarnished? If you have thought of the same questions or are now concerned, then fear not we have all the answers and some more! Below we have put together the 10 most popular tips on how to take care of your gold hoop earrings from the minute you receive them to when you pass them down to your next of kin!

If you do notice any tips or aspects that we havent covered, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. We hope that you find this a useful read, it is based on all our experience and suggestions from customers that we have had as well.


Demi Gold Rope Hoops

These stunning gold twist hoop earrings are one of our best sellers, a great pair to wear for brunch with the girls or a night on the tiles. The rope and plaited affect make these gold plated hoops look very unique and the slight textured look to the gold hoops gives them an incredible shine.

thick gold hoop earrings


Tip 1 – Storing your gold hoop earrings

Do not store your hoops together with other jewellery or in particular textured gold earrings as gold hoop earrings as they can easily be scratched and tarnished easily.

Do store your gold hoops earrings in either:

  • Small separate compartmented jewellery box or draw organiser
  • Hang them of your hook on your jewellery box like a necklace
  • Place small gold hoops and huggie hoops in a compartmented egg box style storage or a box that has separated compartment
  • Use jewellery trees and longer jewellery stands for large gold hoops and chunky gold hoop earrings
  • You can use glass plates/bowls/ wooden slabs and any other storage function to store your array of gold hoop earrings as long as the gold hoop earrings are not touching each other or getting too much dust.
  • Ideally a container that keeps dust away from earrings and somewhere away from too much light, dampness or water will ensure that your hoop earrings stay dry and safe


Riley Gold Twist Hoops

These very cute chunk gold hoop earrings are to die for, combining style and bling all in one these hoop earrings will turn heads. These twist gold hoop earrings are a sure fit for an evening look and although these are chunky gold hoops they are hollow making them lighter and much easier to wear.

gold twist hoop earrings


Tip 2- Store gold plated hoops separately 

Always keep your gold plated hoop earrings away from your gold hoop earrings. The best way to ensure that both types of jewellery retain their quality is to keep them separate. If you are able to store them in separate jewellery boxes, then even better. If not then keep items in plastic or material pouches, ensure no air has been trapped and they are dry. Try not to store more than one item in a smaller bag or pouch.


Maria Gold Hoop Earrings

Classic gold hoops that shimmer and shine in true statement style. These gold hoop earrings have a wider and flatter edge all the way round,


wide gold hoops


TIP 3 – How to keep your gold hoop earrings tarnish free

Here are our top tips on keeping your gold hoops, gold twist hoops and small gold hoop earrings looking perfectly tarnish free:

  • Do not wear your gold hoop earrings in water – whether that is a bath, shower, swimming pool or hot tub! Please take them off and store safely before going near any water.
  • Do not wear your gold hoop earrings when undertaking any physical activity, sports or gym – not only is it dangerous for your ear lobes, you could lose an earring and sweat also can tarnish jewellery like gold hoops.
  • Wear your chunky hoops after putting on make-up, any type of cosmetics could tarnish or damage the surface of the gold hoop earrings
  • Please also wear your gold hoop earrings after spraying setting sprays, deodorants, body sprays, lotions, creams and perfume. All chemicals found in these products and similar products can potentially damage and tarnish your wide gold hoops and gold hoops.


Jasmine Crystal Rose Gold Hoops

A bestseller from our rose gold earrings collection, these gorgeous rose gold hoops are scattered with lovely diamante and are very delicate and light. These are the perfect diamante hoop earrings to take you from day to night - what's not to love!

rose gold hoop earrings


Tip 5 - How you can make the best jewellery cleaning solution at home

The best cleaning solution to make at home is soap and warm tepid water. Whether you use dishwashing soap or baby shampoo either will work. From experience baby shampoo tends to be a little gentler so if you have the option go with a few drops of the baby shampoo and warm tepid water.


Lola Large Gold Hoops

Three thin gold hoops strung together in one makes these hoop earrings a show stopping pair. These large gold hoops give you the best of both worlds, delicate enough to wear during the day and still intricate and bold for the evening. Easy and light to wear and perfect to gift so why not treat yourself.

 large hoops

Tip 6 - How to clean your small gold hoop earrings and large gold hoop earrings

Firstly, dip the gold hoops into the cleaning solution mentioned above, our advice is to dip it in the solution for as shorter time as possible. This is to ensure that the water doesn’t get the chance to stay on the jewellery for too long but long enough to clean and remove and dirt. Use a clean cloth and gently rub the hoop earrings if there is any stubborn dirt or stain. Immediately place the hoop earrings on to a dry surface for the drying stage.


Prosecco Pop Hoops

If you are after glamourous every day gold hoop earrings then these are the one. These medium gold hoop earrings are subtle yet glam, bring out the inner diva in you with these easy to wear and easy to care for beautiful gold hoops.

 gold plated hoop earrings

Tip 7– How to dry your gold hoop earrings

If you have just cleaned your gold hoop earrings or if they have gotten wet then place them on to a clean dry surface and use a microfibre cloth or a glasses cleaning cloth and dry your hoop earrings as gently as possible. Then leave them to air dry for 30 to 60 minutes and then place them safely your preferred jewellery storage.


Amber 6mm to 7mm Gold Small Huggie Hoops

These delicate small gold hoop earrings are the perfect edition to a curated ear look or ideal for every day or whenever the mood strikes. Super delicate with a classic on trend look.

 small gold hoop earrings


Tip 8 – Everyday tips to keep your gold hoops looking perfect as the day you bought them

  • Always ensure that you put your gold hoops on last after having a shower or bath, after blow drying your hair, styling, make up, perfume etc. The gold hoop earrings should always be the final step
  • Keep gold hoop earrings away from nail varnishes, food, water and any other chemical substances
  • Do not leave jewellery or your tiny gold hoop earrings in damp places like a steamy bathroom or kitchen store them away
  • Do not wear your gold hoop earrings at night or in bed. Before you go to sleep please take them off and store them securely


Stella Diva Rose Gold Crystal Hoop Earrings

Add a delicate sparkle and a touch of luxury with these precious and charming round hoop earrings. Plated in lavish 18k rose gold these rose gold hoop earrings are one of most popular they look great worn any time day or night. 


chunky hoops



Tip 9 – How to store and clean rose gold hoop earrings

Clean your rose gold hoop earrings in the same way that you would clean your gold hoop earrings

  • Use the soapy water cleaning solution as mentioned previously
  • Use a clean cloth to gently remove stubborn stains or dirt and then place the rose gold hoops on a dry surface
  • Use a microfibre cloth to gently dry the hoop earrings, let them air dry for an hour before storing them back in their usual hoop earring storage place.

Twisted Love Rose Gold Hoops

Make a statement with these popular and gorgeously girly rose gold hoop earrings, they are feminine and oh so gorgeous. These wide shiny rose gold hoops have a unique Creole style twisted pattern that flows all the way around the hoop.

rose gold hoops


Tip 10- How to store and clean gold and diamante hoop earrings

Clean gold and diamante hoop earrings in the same method as for gold hoop earrings and rose gold hoop earrings.

  • Use the soapy water cleaning solution as mentioned previously
  • Use a clean cloth to gently remove stubborn stains or dirt and then place the rose gold hoops on a dry surface
  • Use a microfibre cloth to gently dry the hoop earrings, let them air dry for an hour before storing them back in their usual hoop earring storage place.



Aria XL Gold Hoops

If you are feeling a bit extra then these oversized gold hoop earrings are ideal to bring a bit of sass to your look. Channel Cardi B in these stylish power hoops!

thin gold hoop earrings


We have hoped you’ve found this article useful and that you will be able to use all the tips we have provided for you. As you can see, we are very passionate about our products and we are proud of our range and our customers. Our communication with our customers is something we are proud of, we ensure that they are taken care of the minute the decide to shop with us all the way to after receiving the products.


''I'm not so much a shoe or bag person as jewelry, and I think it's because jewelry is like candy''

Dylan Lauren.


Aftercare is important as it will ensure our customers feel as proud of their products as we do. Taking care of your gold hoop earrings is important it ensures that those hoop earrings will last you a long time and will stay looking beautiful for a long time too. As mentioned earlier if you have any questions or queries about something we have mentioned or something that we havent mentioned then please get in touch. Even if you are not a customer, we are still more than happy to help. We like to think of DEMI+CO the place for gold hoop earrings so if it is related to that great, if not then we will try our best to help!


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