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Welcome to our exclusive designer brand ALPHA™. Our range of leather bracelets and leather wristbands are only available here at DEMI+CO.
All made from genuine leather, stainless steel and copper.

Panther black leather stainless steel bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Vegas Skull Leather Bracelet No reviews
Phantom black leather stainless steel bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Panther black leather stainless steel bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Leather Woven Bracelet
Braided Black Leather Bracelet
black leather plaited bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
brown leather braided bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Rocker skull grey braided leather bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Superior Oxford black leather plaited rose gold clasp bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
black leather bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Dapper brown leather wide plaited bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
Rugged double wrap brown leather plaited bracelet | ALPHA™ mens
ALPHA slim leather bracelet


Designer Leather bracelets look great on every man, from teenagers, older men to dads and granddads. Leather is a material that looks great on everyone be it a leather jacket or leather shoes. Currently you can buy an array of leather bracelets to suit so many different types of men, from uber edgy and punky to classic strands and braided leather.

Why wear a mens leather bracelet?
A mens leather bracelet is a classic staple for any man, a leather bracelet goes with any outfit and adds a little interest or intrigue to whoever is wearing it. Depending on the type of leather bracelet you wear you can show off a bit of your personality and look good doing it.

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ALPHA chunky leather bracelet


Recently there has been a surge in popularity for mens jewellery and in particular mens bracelets. If you scour Instagram or Pinterest, you will see hundreds of images of men with a variety of wrist candy. Not just on social media but celebrities, musicians and actors have all been seen adorning their wrists with metal, leather, fabric and beads.

When choosing bracelets for men you have to be picky about what you look for, you don’t want to really go for anything too feminine at the risk of looking like you have raided your mum or girlfriends jewellery box. But you also don’t want to go too overboard with something too bulky at the risk of it drawing...

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mens birthday gift ideas


Turning 40 is big milestone for anyone and if you are looking to celebrate a friend or family members big birthday then start planning now as you want to make sure you make their important day as memorable as possible. Turning 40 is not seen as dowdy and middle aged any more in fact it seen as cool and that should be reflected not just in the gift but also in the way you celebrate the momentous occasion.
Below we have put together a list of ideas for party themes, if you are throwing a party or if you are researching then we have put a mixture of themes some out there some more tame. Again, choosing a theme should reflect the personality and the interest of the birthday man. 

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Trustpilot Reviews for DEMI+CO


 Trustpilot Review ★★★★★ 

"1st time I have made a purchase from this company,ordered mon evening,arrived Thurs morn.mens bracelet was as described and looks more expensive than what I paid for it.also came in a grey gift box and had free shipping.will definitely be making more purchases in the near future"


 Trustpilot Review ★★★★★ 

"Ordered a copper bracelet for my brother -in-law and it arrived a few days later well and neatly packed, nicely boxedin other words beautifully presented.Hope it works for him but it looks good anyway."


 Trustpilot Review ★★★★★ 

"Very happy with the bracelet,it arrived very quickly and was packaged in a lovely gift box , it's a gift for my partner for his birthday , I'm going to get it engraved to make it personal"