mars 09, 2021

We have recently released a brand-new collection of motivational word art prints that are perfect to add a new stylish touch to any room, just in time for Spring. So, whether you are looking to update your space after some spring cleaning or just want to spoil yourself when payday comes around, look no further than our gorgeous range of positive quote wall art to bring a touch of joy to your home.


Wall art is a simple and easy way to upgrade a space and here at DEMI+CO we have something for every room, be it kitchen wall quotes, prints for bedrooms or some stunning living room posters. We have something for every room and every need. Our wall art quotes are inspired by many different experiences, so we are sure to have something that represents you and what vibe you want to give off in your home.


While we are still in lockdown, many of us have been busy renovating our spaces especially with Spring right around the corner. Now is the a time when people get to give their house a really good clean, add some new finishing touches and wall décor to their favourite rooms to give them a pop of personality! Now more than ever people are choosing to put time and effort into making their homes truly reflect them, especially as most of us have spent the last year predominantly at home.


We have put together one of our lockdown quizzes for a bit of fun, to help you find your lockdown style and what motivational wall art we think would suit you perfectly. Grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to answer ten questions to help us decide what your lockdown style is and what print you should definitely spoil yourselves too. We are all getting ready to welcome guests back to our home in a few months after all, so what better reason!


If My Mind Can Conceive It, If My Heart Can Believe It, Then I Can Achieve It

This wall art print features a fantastic motivational quote and would look perfect in as office wall art. If you are the kind of person who has big dreams and you would like a constant reminder to never give up, this print is your answer. Turn your home office into something special with this gorgeous motivational wall quote.

 motivational wall art
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I Will Not Let Anyone Scare Me Out Of My Full Potential

Another fabulous positive quote word art. This “I will not let anyone scare me out of my full potential” wall printable would be lovely as part of a picture wall or a stand alone piece of inspiration in your home.

black white print

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Out Of The Mountain Of Despair, A Stone Of Hope Positive Print

This print looks brilliant displayed anywhere in your home. inspirational wall art like this are often popular living room posters, perfect to have on display where all of your future guests will get to admire it.

 black and white wall art


1. How have you mostly been spending your time during lockdown?

a. I have been spending it with my household and making the most of the time together. Lots of walks, baking and laughter!

b. My days all look different to each other, so whether it has been working from home, having a chilled day binge watching Netflix or going on long walks, I have just been doing my best to get through.

c. I have been working full time from home, so my time has been spent planning meetings and having lots of video calls with my colleagues to discuss our work projects.

2. What has been your go to outfit to put on during lockdown?

a. I have really enjoyed feeling cosy at home, some days I choose to just wear some stylish loungewear and days when I am heading out the house for a walk or to nip to the supermarket, I wear my favourite pair of jeans and a comfy white t-shirt.

b. I just grab whatever is to hand in my wardrobe and go. No planning outfits around here.

c. I am always dressed in my usual workwear. I like to make sure I am always ready for any online video calls that I may need to make with my colleagues. Plus staying dressed up in my general office clothes helps me to distinguish between work time and down time.


In Order For The Light To Shine So Brightly, The Darkness Must Be Present

This lovely inspirational wall quote is perfect for brightening up your walls and is ideal for the living room or kitchen.
inspirational wall art

3. What do you do for entertainment in the evenings or at weekends?

a. I love to watch a good family film or belly laugh at a comedy favourite!

b. I make no plans for the weekend and that is just the way I like it.

c. I go for a run and maybe work on one of my many projects, like my blog or a different hobby.


4. What are your go to plans for food?

a. Lockdown has given me extra time to try out all of my Pinterest recipes that I have saved. I love trying different healthy, comfort food recipes and I am guilty of baking one too many banana breads over lockdown!

b. I tend to open the fridge or freezer and just pull anything out. If there’s nothing I fancy, I order take out as a weekend treat.

c. I have really been utilising my slow cooker, it has been great to prep dinner in the morning and pop it into the slow cooker all day, so it is ready in the evenings. Perfect to cook while I am busy doing my work from home.


Let Go Of Who We Think We Should Be And Embrace What Is 

Create an amazing space with this beautiful motivational wall art. Do you have a room that needs a little pick me up? We think this would look perfect in a living room or hallway.
 black and white print

5. What are you most looking forward to once lockdown has ended?

a. I usually host a games night with my close friends where we meet up to play board games and have a good laugh, I can’t wait to be able to do this again and maybe include a few drinks too.

b. I am really looking forward to the spur of the moment nights out or trips that can happen when we aren’t in lockdown. I love the spontaneity of life.

c. I am looking forward to impromptu cocktails with my work colleagues after work on a Friday, I’m missing my girls!

6. What has been on your watch list during lockdown?

a. A good Romcom or American sitcom is always on my list. Who doesn’t love Friends?

b. I have really loved the new shuffle feature on Netflix, so if I can’t think of what to watch I just hit shuffle and voila!

c. Watch list?! I haven’t had the time to watch films!


You Must Find The Place Inside Yourself Where Nothing Is Impossible 

Add a magnificent focal point to any room with this motivational wall art. Perfect for your living room or dining room, to add a conversation starter when entertaining your guests.
 poster quotes

7. Who are you most looking forward to seeing once lockdown ends?

a. I am missing my friends and family of course! I am looking forward to hosting a big garden party once we are completely free of the pandemic, for everyone to get together, have a laugh and play some games.

b. I am looking forward to chatting with anyone I bump into. I have missed all the neighbours down the local and it will be great to just meet up and finally see people again.

c. It will be great to get back into the office and have a laugh with all of my colleagues again. I am really missing my team and Zoom meetings aren’t quite the same.

8. What have you been using Zoom for other than work meetings?

a. I have done a few virtual escape rooms with my friends which have been a great laugh.

b. Zoom isn’t really my thing. I have had a couple of unplanned phone conversations with my friends that have lasted hours though.

c. I have had a couple of Zoom dates which have been fun!


You Do Not Find The Happy Life. You Make It

Spruce up your home ready for guests with this gorgeous poster quote. This positive word art really adds an aura of positivity and happiness to any space.
black and white wall art

9. What is your lockdown evening routine?

a. I am guilty of staying up until 4am binge watching Netflix.

b. It depends how I feel on the day. Sometimes I stay up watching TV, sometimes I go for a long evening walk and other days I just do something creative with my time.

c. I have my own meditation routine, I read a chapter of my current book and then I’m asleep by 10pm.


When It Comes To Luck, You Make Your Own Positive Quote Print

Brighten up any home with this cheerful inspirational print. We can imagine this quote taking pride of place in the kitchen, but it would look fabulous hanging in any room.
living room wall art

10. What does your first trip look like when travel is allowed again?

a. A staycation with family, either at our favourite British seaside town or a camping holiday in one of the UK’s national parks. Something for all of the family!

b. I will go wherever life takes me! I have so many places on my bucket list and I don’t mind which one I tick off first. I may just go on an impromptu road trip to somewhere in the UK.

c. A cultural weekend city break to somewhere in Europe.


The Only Limit To Our Realization Of Tomorrow Will Be Our Doubts Today 

This gorgeous quote is ideal for a home office and will serve as a constant reminder of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.
living room prints

The results are in…

Mostly A’s – The Happy Gal

You are bright and bubbly and you have made sure your lockdown is full of laughter and love. You have really relished in spending time with the loved ones you share your home with and there is never a boring day when you’re around! We think this wall art print will be perfect:

Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud

This printable wall art will suit your bright and cheerful personality. Brighten up your space and bring a bit of happiness to whichever room you fancy. This print will look beautiful however you choose to display it.
bedroom wall art

Mostly B’s – The Go with the Flow Goddess

You have enjoyed just going with the flow during lockdown and your style is simple and clean. You have spent your days doing whatever you fancy doing and like all of us, you have had more time at home to really appreciate your space. We have a perfect solution to the girl who just goes with the flow and we think you will love our stunning poster quote:

We Must Let Go Of The Life We Have Planned, So As To Accept The One That Is Waiting For Us 

This laidback word art print will look gorgeous wherever you decide to place it around your home. It really gives off a feeling of letting go of pressures and just going with the flow, great for a relaxed home environment.

 wall art for living room

Mostly C’s – The Home Office Queen

Your lockdown style has been all about staying comfortable and stylish while working from home. You have really had chance to embrace the home office and you have spent time making it the perfect place to sit down to crack on with all of your work. We think that one of our inspirational poster quotes would be the perfect finishing touch to your home office and will serve as motivation on what you might feel is an “off day”.

We think you will love our

Don’t Try To Lessen Yourself For The World; Let The World Catch Up To You 

This stunning word print will look great displayed around your home and is the perfect treat for any career-orientated lady. Get ahead with this motivational quote and keep the inspiration flowing with this positive wall art.
pink wall art





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