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Carbon Magnetic Copper Bracelet | ALPHA™ mens

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ALPHA LOGOExclusively laser engraved, Alpha branded and super suave this sleek pure solid copper, magnetic and carbon fibre bracelet is the ultimate statement copper bracelet. This men’s bracelet features copper links with magnets and a strip of carbon fibre running through the centre of this bracelet. This designer pure solid copper bracelet is only available on our site and not available to buy anywhere else.

Supplied with a link adjustment tool allowing you to create the perfect fit!

At DEMI+CO we ensure we take the highest of care and attention during the manufacturing process of our bracelets. We go to great lengths that our bracelets are made to the highest of quality and that we create and add a wide variety of copper, magnetic and copper magnetic bracelets to our collection. From silver, torque, magnetic, non-magnetic, copper to styles that are bangles, links, wide and thin we have a mens bracelet to suit any type or style.

Copper has a wide variety of health benefits; copper is a nutrient that our body needs and wearing a copper bracelet can help in absorption of that nutrient. Wearing Copper Bracelets may leave a residue on your skin, this is normal and can be easily washed off with soapy water. Copper is a pure metal like gold and silver, it has been around for centuries and used as the main metal in vessels and jewellery for decades. 

Magnets in jewellery also provide an array of health benefits such as alleviating joint pain, injury pain and back pain as well as aiding circulation, headaches and more. It is thought that magnets may rebalance the body's energy, thereby restoring health and relieving pain as magnetic fields exist in all living things, including our own bodies.

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