13 Things You May Have Not Known About Gold Hoop Earrings

Here at DEMI+CO our collection of gold hoop earrings is full of so many unique styles, from sizes, textures, styles to added embellishments, stones, mixed metals to designs and details. We pride ourselves on using the finest 9ct gold and 18ct gold for our gold hoop earrings and whether you are after a dainty sleeper hoop to a statement large gold hoop we one to suit you.

As a small family run business, we get lots of enquiries daily about our gold hoop earrings from price, style, sizes, weight and much more. There are many interesting facts about gold and gold hoop earrings and we thought we would put them all in one place in this blog post so you can read all about them.

Gold hoop earrings are an essential piece of jewelry for many women. They are classic and versatile and can be worn with nearly any outfit. While most people know a few things about gold hoops, there are actually quite a few interesting facts that many people don't know. Here are 13 things you may not have known about gold hoop earrings.


Yellow Gold Small 14mm Hoop Earrings

If you’re a lover of simple gold round tubes for your hoop earrings but want something a little bit thicker, these are the perfect hoops for you. They will go with anything; you can dress them up or dress them down so versatile and unique. All our small gold hoop earrings are made with the best quality 9ct gold.

 small gold hoop earrings


  1. Gold hoop earrings are a classic and versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn with nearly any outfit. Gold hoop earrings are a classic and timeless shape, earrings that are a must have, a staple for your jewellery collection. They are versatile and can be worn with nearly any outfit, making them a popular accessory choice.
  2. Gold hoop earrings are a very flattering to wear and suit all shapes and faces, the round nature of the hoop shape adds symmetry to the face and the gold metal adds warmth to the skin tone making gold hoops the perfect go to accessory.
  3. Gold hoops date back to ancient times and were worn by both men and women. They were particularly popular among the Celts, who believed that gold had magical powers. In the Middle Ages, gold hoops were thought to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from disease.


Yellow Gold D/C Huggies

These chunky gold sleepers are comfortable and easy to wear and are ideal for day or night whether you are after a glam look or a relaxed casual look. These chunky gold hoops are also the perfect pair to wear to work to travel or for any occasion. No jewellery collection would be complete without a pair of gold sleeper earrings. These small gold hoops would also make the perfect gift for someone special.

 gold huggie hoops

  1. Did you know that gold hoop earrings have been around for over 5,000 years? They were once thought to be a symbol of status and power and today we see gold hoop earrings as a fashion accessory worn by celebrities and everyday people alike. But there's still something special and luxurious about them - maybe it's because they remind us of those early days when only the wealthy could afford to wear them.


Yellow Gold Faceted Hoop Earrings

These original textured gold hoops are perfect if you like subtle styles that are a little different. Made with 9ct gold these faceted hoop earrings have an intricate texture that make them extra unique. These gold hoops have faceted angles on the hoop itself making them extra shimmery when light is shone on them. Grab these elegant medium gold hoops while you can as they sell out very quickly.

 textured hoop earrings

  1. The earliest record of gold hoop earrings being worn is from the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, who died in 1323 BC. 2. gold was first used to create hoops back in 600 B.C., in Egypt. The earliest hoops were made of soft, malleable gold which didn't require any sort of shaping. The earliest hoops were simple discs that were worn in pairs and rested on the ears. In order to make them easier to wear, the Egyptians soon discovered that the gold discs needed to be hammered and rolled into shape.


  1. Gold earrings symbolised to the Egyptians as jewellery from the gods, gold represented the warmth and light of the sun, believed to the literal flesh of their ancient Gods and deities. 


Yellow Gold Frosted Tube Hoop Earrings

Looking for something that will never go out of style? You have found the perfect pair of textured gold hoop earrings. With a simple tube that is decorated with a lovely pattern, these hoops will see you through every occasion and every era of fashion. These are the perfect pair of thick hoops that you have been searching for.

 textured gold hoop earrings

  1. You might be surprised to learn that the actual width and thickness of today's gold hoops is much thinner than traditional gold hoop earrings. In fact, the very first gold hoops were as wide as a penny! This was due to the fact that it was very difficult back then to make such thin hoops, and so these gold hoops of old were very similar in size to large hoops worn by women today.



Yellow Gold Octagon Hoop Earrings

Still simple and minimalistic, these simple gold hoops have something special about them. Whilst they’re not overbearing with bling or pattern, they are shaped as an octagon so you still have something sophisticated but a little different. They can go with your day-to-day outfits, or you could wear them for special days or nights out.

 oval hoop earrings

  1. Traditionally the type of gold hoops you could wear was dictated by the size of your earlobes. The rule of thumb was that the opening of your earring should be large enough to put two fingers through easily. If you can't insert two fingers into the opening, then it's too small. If you can insert more than two fingers with ease, then your earrings are too big. In recent times however people can wear whatever sized gold hoops they want whether they are super small like gold huggie hoops or extra large gold hoops the choices and options are endless.


Yellow Gold Fancy Frosted Double Hoop Earrings

Bring the “wow” factor with these super stylish Yellow Gold Fancy Frosted Double Hoop Earrings. These complete any look, and their envy-inducing class will be sure to turn heads. These earrings really are a showstopper!

 gold hoop earrings uk


  1. Some facts indicate that gold hoops originated in Northern Africa. The name may have come from the Arabic term "khufiya," which means "bride's earrings." They may also have come from the ancient Sassanian Empire, which was located in the Middle East.


Yellow Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

These twisted gold hoops will keep you styled for days. Whilst they are still simple and modern, they bring your look together with their twisted effect, making your outfit come across as a work of art. Why skip on these beautiful pair of earrings when you can treat yourself to them now and fill all your needs?

 twisted gold hoops

  1. Gold hoops were originally made from bone, ivory, or wood. The hoops were then coated with gold leaf or gold paint. The earliest records of gold hoop earrings date back to 2600 BC China. Hoop earrings became fashionable in Europe during the Renaissance period and they remain popular to this day.


Yellow Gold Capped Sleepers

Slightly thicker in size these small chunky gold hoop sleepers still have a thin part of the hoop that is inserted into the ears. If you want a pair of thick gold hoops that are still smaller in size or you want to go for hoops that are a bit bigger than huggie hoops then these are the ones for you, the caped detailing ensures these thick gold sleepers are unique and original.

 gold sleeper earrings

  1. In ancient Roman and Greek societies gold hoop earrings were worn and were very popular, archaeological evidence from the Bronze on the Aegan islands and isle of Crete found gold, silver and bronze hoop earrings. Similarly, to the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks saw gold hoop earrings as a way for them to express their devotion to the Gods.


  1. During the Renaissance period many men wore small singular gold hoop earrings, especially amongst sea-voyagers, this is one of the reasons why gold hoops are seen in stereotypical costumes of pirates. One of the most famous icons from the Renaissance period William Shakespeare is wearing a small gold hoop earring on his ear in one of his most famous portraits the Chandos portrait.


Yellow Gold Sleepers

Slightly larger on the width these gold sleeper earrings are ideal for a great everyday hoop and would also make a good alternative for a delicate evening look too. These gold sleepers are light enough to wear all day and all night long  giving a very subtle but glam gold touch.

  gold sleeper hoops

  1. During the 1920’s Gold hooped earrings exploded on to the scene they became the accessory to wear and were seen as incredibly fashionable. During this period there was a great deal of colonisation happening especially in African one of the many places where gold hoops originated.


Our collection of gold hoop earrings includes:

  1. Gold huggie hoops – these are the smallest gold hoop styles we carry
  2. Gold sleeper hoop earrings – these are the perfect first gold earring or first earring that can be worn after having a piercing
  3. Gold creole hoops – these are very popular earrings that are bold and glam and are available in a variety of patterns and styles
  4. Medium gold hoop earrings – the perfect sized hoop that will take your outfit from day to night, medium gold hoop earrings are a must for every collection
  5. Large gold hoop earrings – Make a style statement in large gold hoop earrings, also known as power hoops an essential hoop style for evening and glamourous looks
  6. Gold and silver hoop earrings – Mixed metals are a great way to mix up your look and accessories, mix and match complimentary gold and silver pieces with these hoops
  7. Rose gold and gold hoop earrings- A subtle mix of two popular metals which can look elegant and stylish together
  8. White gold and gold hoop earrings – An indulgence mix of two precious metals the coolness of white gold adds extra contrast to the warmth of gold metals
  9. Diamond gold hoop earrings- Ultimate in luxury is our diamond and gold hoop earrings these are available in an array of sizes and have the potential to be heirloom pieces
  10. Gold twist hoop earrings- Add a subtle twist of character with a pair of twisted hoops, the texture on hoops adds an extra element of shimmer and shine
  11. Gold oval hoop earrings- oval hoop earrings are the modern day hoop earrings, contemporary, fresh and flattering
  12. Gold frosted hoop earrings – A frosted pattern adds a further element of detailing and intrigue to a simple gold hoop earring


We hope you enjoyed reading this page and found the facts useful, we do ensure that we go out of our way to not only educate ourselves but also our customers on the jewellery they are buying. We believe that as experts in gold, silver, diamond, white gold, copper, magnetic and other semi-precious metals and gems we want to impart that knowledge to our customers.


We hope that you go on to own a pair or two of gold hoop earrings from us as well. If you do own a pair of gold hoop earrings, we hope that you enjoy wearing them and that you keep them safe when not wearing them. Please note that if you're gold hoop earrings get dirty to clean them in warm gentle soapy water, please dry them with a soft cloth immediately and then store them in a dry and safe place until you next wear them.


If you do have any further questions for us, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to go in to further detail about any queries or concerns you may have.








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