décembre 23, 2020

Here at DEMI+CO we pride ourselves in our unique designs and the quality of our products. Our wall art range is no different and great care is taken choosing what designs, quotes and word art will suit our customers’ varied tastes. We listen to feedback from our customers and these, along with different inspirations influences our choice of poster quotes and helps us ensure that our product range is something that our customers will love. We actually sat down with our designer Hamish to understand what inspires him and what his average day looks like, so if you are curious to learn more about this process keep reading on to find our mini-interview with him toward the end of this blog post.

This blog post was inspired by others we have done for some of our jewellery products and we wanted to share what the DEMI+CO team’s favourite word art prints are from our range of wall art. We wanted to make sure everyone was involved with choosing their favourites, so we have spoken to the rest of the team and managed to get our favourite word art prints down to our top 10. These are all from our quote wall art range and feature products from our word art collection, featuring motivational quotes, simple phrases and some beautiful words.

Word art prints actually became popular in the 1950s, when text-based postmodern artist used words and phrases in their artworks. Word art these days ranges from different types of typography and features quotes and words that mean something to us. A popular option is using quotes prints to display our favourite motivational and inspirational quotes. Motivational word art gives us a quick quote of wisdom and can help people stay focused. People tend to be drawn towards motivational quotes as they affirm what we already know about ourselves and can help inspire us, even when we have hit a blank.

We love the designs Hamish comes up with for our word art collection and all the quotes and words are meaningful ones that we would be proud to display in our own homes. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 picks of our favourite printable wall art from our range.


10. Comic Geek and Proud 01

black white print

“Love this design and have recommended”

This fun comic geek word art print is a great way to show your nerdy side! Whether you prefer Marvel or DC, this print is perfect for comic fans alike and looks great in a home office, a man cave or even show off your inner geek by displaying it proudly as living room wall art for all to see.


9. Easy Like Sunday Morning 01

kitchen wall art print

“Really easy to use site to download and print at home thank you”

There is nothing quite like a Sunday morning, when we are allowed to take it easy and live slowly. Use this Easy Like Sunday Morning 01 poster quote as a reminder to yourself to take it easy. This inspirational wall art is a perfect gift for the family that is always rushed off their feet and needs to be reminded to enjoy those Sunday mornings.


8. Choose Happy 01

living room wall art

“This looks great in our kitchen will be back for a few more”

This minimalist art print is to the point, simple and stunning. We all need to be reminded to choose happy once in a while and this black and white wall art serves as a gentle reminder that we are in charge of ourselves and we should all choose what makes us happy.


7. And So Together They Built a Life They Loved 03

romantic wall art

“Amazing design I love it so easy to download and print”

This gorgeous quote wall art print makes a perfect wedding gift for a pair of happy newlyweds or an inspirational, statement piece for your kitchen wall art. This beautiful quote adds the finishing touch to a home and can inspire you to focus on how far you have come and how much you have built together. This is a great anniversary gift and with the 1st wedding anniversary gift traditionally paper, what more could you ask for?


6. Fashion Chose Moi 01

fashion wall art

“Been looking for a fashion quote for a while I like this design”

This chic minimalist art print is a lovely statement piece for the fashion forward person in your life. This fashion wall art would be beautiful displayed in a bedroom or dressing room and provides an inspirational quote to help you feel prepared and well-dressed at the beginning of a new day.

5. Get Naked 01

bathroom wall art

“Great design for the bedroom”

Our Get Naked 01 wall art print is cheeky and fun and the naughty word art is perfect to add the finishing touch to a bedroom or bathroom wall art. The risqué print is a great gift for your other half and will make them smile every time they see it!

4. In a World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind 01

be kind poster

“My favourite quote now in my living room thanks!”

“Be kind” was a quote made famous not so long ago by the late Caroline Flack and our word art quote “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” 01 gives you a lovely reminder to always choose kindness and to be understanding with others. This inspirational wall art looks lovely displayed anywhere in the home and shows your guests that your home is one that is kind.


3. Let’s Get Comfy 01

living room wall art

“Good quality design thank you”

After a long day we all love nothing more than the chance to relax and unwind. Let us get comfy with this cute wall art print that is an ideal reminder to get nice and cosy in your own home. This black and white wall art is a lovely finishing touch to a new home and is a positive quote to keep your inspired in your space, wherever you choose to hang this gorgeous quote.

2. Love 04

romantic wall art

“Excellent service & quality of purchase.”

This minimalist Love poster is classic and poetic. Everybody needs love wall art in their home to remind them home is where the heart is and a happy home is one filled with love and laughter. This picture perfect option is a wonderful choice for any room in the house due to its versatility, so whether you are looking for new nursery wall art or simply, something to decorate your favourite room in your house, look no further than this pretty love poster.


1. Once Someone Touches Your Heart Their Fingerprints Will Last Forever 02

nursery wall art print

“Good customer service and lovely art looks nice”

This black and white wall art print features a beautiful, heartfelt quote. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to show someone you care or maybe you think this is the must-have quote for your baby room wall art, this print will be stunning wherever it is displayed. This quote is our favourite because it has so much depth and emotion and can be applied to friendships, romantic relationships or family relationships. This print will be admired whether it is displayed in your home or whether it is gifted to someone special. This truly is the perfect piece of word art for your home.

Q&A with our designer, Hamish

What does the average day in the life look like for Hamish, the artist?

“If I’m honest, it usually starts fairly late in the day. I find that creatively I don’t really come alive until midday and then I really get into my work later on in the afternoon. I enjoy late nights, as these are definitely the best time for me to really start gaining momentum. Typically, I tend to spend most of the day time researching and getting everything ready that I need, before I start my evening of work. Inspiration tends to strike me earlier in the day, although I do spend the earlier part of the day talking to clients and completing the admin side of things - so all of the not so fun stuff earlier on in the day!”

What would you say is the best part of your day and your favourite thing about what you do?

“My favourite part would definitely have to be the creating. Being creative is what I love and it’s what gives me the most satisfaction in my job. I have to admit that creating print and word art for homewares is one of my favourite aspects of what I do. There is a great deal of freedom with art for the home be it line art, modern art, art deco and also the fun, cheeky quotes I put my hand to. The admin part of my day is a necessity but the best part is when everyone I know is asleep and I can quietly create away.”

What do you find the most challenging aspect of being an artist and designer?

“There have been many challenges that I have faced, from turning my passion in to a business, obstacles that have come my way and creative blocks. Luckily, I have been in the game for some time and experience has taught me so much. I have learnt that it is all about how you handle situations and the type of solutions you can come up with to conquer each challenge. For example, when I get creative blocks I need to go to places where I can get some stillness and calm which then sparks my inspiration, it can be tough sometimes but you have to learn to manage it. Being an artist does come with a few cons like most things, but it had its pros but I wouldn’t change what I do for the world.”

How do you manage during busy periods, like Christmas when you have commissions to work on and new art to produce?

“In busy periods, it can sometimes be tricky to remain motivated and inspired when you are nearing a deadline or during festive periods. I am very lucky that all the clients I work with tend to give me plenty of notice and time to make art prints and that helps me to manage a lot. It is challenging to be creative when you are under pressure, but as I mentioned in the earlier answer, I often find getting to a different place to tune out works wonders in finding calm, balance and inspiration.”

A bit of a personal one now, what kind of wall art do you like to have in your own house?

“I have actually never been asked this before and it is a bit of secret! I am a big fan of art from the 1970’s era and I am working on my own art collection slowly but surely! My favourite from the one I have done with DEMI+CO is a difficult one to pick but I do really like the Highland Cow 1 black and white wall art print and the Get Naked word art as I find it so cheeky! I guess I am a bit biased but I think that they are all so good and I’ve heard lovely feedback on them from the team and their clients which is great!”


We hope that our conversation with Hamish was interesting to read and that it gave a good insight into the day-to-day of our designer. We love sharing our top favourites with you, as we all have different tastes and it is great to see what the rest of our team love. We also really love hearing from our customers, as customer satisfaction is a huge part of our ethos and what drives us as a business. If you want any more temptation to treating yourself to one of our fun word art prints, read a few of our reviews to see for yourself why you should choose to shop with DEMI+CO.


“Bracelets were bought as Christmas presents. Excellent service from DEMI&CO would definitely recommend”

“Just lovely.

Arrived well packaged and on time and was as expected.

I’d say get the bigger size if there is an option”

“Excellent service, quality and beautifully wrapped.”



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