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Copper Ring with Magnets

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This smooth minimalist copper ring with magnets is an ideal everyday ring. The simple unisex design means that it can be worn by anyone. This copper ring has a lovely matt shade and is engraved with our exclusive designer ALPHA logo which means it is only available on our site. This copper ring is flexible and can be adjusted to any ring size, it has a small gap which can be closed and open and the ring will stay firmly in place. This copper ring also has two high-grade magnets which will ensure you reap the full benefits of wearing this ring.

Size: Adjustable  -  one size fits all

Gender: Unisex -  can be worn by men and women

Copper is an antique metal it is pure like gold and silver and it has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Copper helps the absorption of vitamins, it also aids the production of collagen, which is useful for the bones and joints. Magnetic therapy helps various conditions such as arthritis, joint stiffness, rheumatoid, carpel tunnel syndrome, headaches, and period pains. The magnetic field stimulates the field where the pain occurs, it releases the body’s own painkillers giving natural pain relief.

At DEMI+CO we go to great lengths to ensure all our copper bracelets and copper rings are made with the highest quality copper and all our magnetic bracelets are made with full strength magnets. Our magnetic bracelets contain Neodymium High Grade Magnets which are custom made for strength and have 12500 Gauss. We ensure that all our copper bracelet range and magnetic bracelet range is made with quality, care, and craftsmanship.


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