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Rose copper bracelet with magnets

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This bracelet is the darker copper version of the Celeste copper magnetic bracelet and it is just as stunning and delicate. Darker copper is plaited in the same style with an intricate rope pattern all along the bracelet. This delicate, elegant yet robust copper bracelet is dotted with our full-strength magnets giving the wearing optimum health benefits and a stylish and feminine look. This copper bracelet with magnets can be adjusted with its links and has a strong fold over clasp to keep this copper bracelet secure. 

Supplied with a link adjustment tool allowing you to create the perfect fit!

Health benefits of magnetic bracelets

Copper is a malleable metal like gold and silver and is a metal that has been around for centuries, it has many health benefits as it is essential for the function of a number of antioxidant enzymes and it is also involved in vitamin C metabolism. Magnetic therapy or the benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet can improve circulation, give the wearer more energy and can help ease pain and increase oxygen.


At DEMI+CO we go to great lengths to oversee the manufacturing process to ensure our magnetic bracelet and copper bracelet are made with care and quality. We also ensure that we have a wide collection from mens link bracelet, copper bangles, silver bangle for men, women's magnetic bracelet and so many unique patterns, fits and styles.

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