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Rainbow copper bracelet

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This is one of our most exquisite copper bracelets in our range, if you’re after a gorgeous and colourful bracelet that’s dainty then look no further. This copper magnetic bracelet features copper cut out square links filled with a mother of pearl style design dotted amongst copper and diamantes links, giving this magnetic bracelet sparkle and intrigue.

Supplied with a link adjustment tool allowing you to create the perfect fit!

Magnetic therapy can help with a number of ailments such as arthritis, joint stiffness, rheumatoid, carpel tunnel syndrome, headaches, and period pains. There have been many studies that have proven the effectiveness of wearing magnets especially with pain relief. At DEMI+CO our magnetic mens designer bracelets contain Neodymium High Grade Magnets which are custom made for strength.

Copper is an ancient metal that has been around for centuries, it has many healing properties and it is very similar to other pure metals like silver and gold. Copper can help with circulation, the absorption of vitamins, the production of collagen in bones and also general aches and pains. Copper can sometimes leave a greenish residue, there is nothing to worry about it is a natural reaction between the skin and copper. This residue can easily be removed with soapy water.

At DEMI+CO we work very closely with the manufacturing process to ensure that the best quality copper is used, that skill and care is taken during the production and that quality Neodymium High Grade Magnets are used which are custom made for strength.

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