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Spirit heart copper bracelet with magnets

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This stunning and beautiful copper bracelet is adorned with copper links in the shape of hearts, it combines cut out copper hearts and full copper hearts to give this copper bracelet extra detail and definition. This slimline cut and the subtle deep shade of copper makes this bracelet unique and very graceful. 

Health benefits of magnetic bracelets

Copper is a metal like gold and silver, it is malleable, pure and a natural metal. Copper has been used for centuries to make utensils, jewellery and much more. Research and studies do show that copper can help with nutrient absorption and can help with the production of collagen which strengthens the bone and can also help with the absorption of vitamins such as vitamin c. Wearing copper can leave a greenish residue but this can be removed with soapy water.

At DEMI+CO we take pride in our collection of copper bracelets and magnetic bracelet range. We ensure that we have a wide selection of plain, patterned, link, bangle and laser engraved copper bracelet and magnetic bracelet choice. We also have a mens designer bracelet range of our ALPHA branded copper bracelet and magnetic bracelet, they are laser engraved, they are unique in style and pattern and they are only exclusively available on our website.

Our magnetic bracelet range includes silver, copper and torque bracelets, all our magnetic bracelet range have 6 high strength 2,400 gauss magnets giving wearers the full benefits of magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy works through magnetic fields, each magnet gives off a magnetic field and it stimulates the filed where the pain occurs and it releases the body’s own pain killers thereby providing natural pain relief.

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