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Homewares and interiors is such an important and personal aspect to our lives, we all want our homes to look and feel fabulous, clean, comfortable with our little personal touches too. Wall art and wall art prints is a collection that we have been looking to launch for a while, art, digital prints and wall printables are so imperative they give that definitive, finishing touch to your home.

Our range is vast and growing our wall printables include modern art prints, nursery prints, animal prints, quote prints and so much more. As our collection is growing pretty quickly, we decided to create a quiz in case you were wondering which piece would suit your home! We are extremely excited about this range as it is our first step into homewares and at a time when we are spending so much time at home, we couldn’t think of a better time to create this.

All our artwork is created by our incredibly talented artist Hamish, Scottish by name and Scottish by nature Hamish has been in the arts world creating artwork for over 10 years. Having travelled the world creating bespoke commissions he is now based in his highland home doing what he loves best creating beautiful artwork inspired by nature and pop-cultured using his signature contemporary art style.

At DEMI+CO We take inspiration for our products from suggestions, requests and feedback that we receive from our customers. Customer service is so important to us and everything we do, we do it for you, which is why we take extra time and care to communicate with our customers and use this to create something you’ll be proud to show off.

We base a lot of our product sourcing and selection on what our customers love. We choose to run polls or ask questions to our customers regarding our new or upcoming products, to get a general feel of what is popular, what you’re happy with and what we need to improve on. Before we launched this collection, we spoke to customers old and new and some family and friends too, this helped us to form our market research. Once we had established the types of wall art prints and poster quotes to include it has been a case of working with our creative artists and getting the lovely wall prints produced. So why not grab a pen, paper or something digital, write down your answers to the quiz below and see what wall art print is the one for you.


Let’s Get Comfy

An ideal poster quote for living room wall art or bedroom wall art this art print makes a lovely finishing touch. Have a lovely reminder to get nice and cosy in your own house, flat or abode, be it home or away.


wall quotes for bedroom



Question 1. what describes the vibe of your home?

  1. Minimalism, chic and elegant
  2. Traditional, characterful, regal and warm
  3. Ultra-modern, colourful and eclectic


Question 2. What type of soft furnishings appeal to you the most?

  1. White linen materials, beige or white leather, natural materials, no fuss or detail
  2. Ornate cushion covers, prints, dark fabrics, embroidery and vintage looks and feels
  3. Bright pops of coloured pillows, throws and creative statement pieces


Comic Geek and Proud 

Reveal the comic geek in you with this cheeky poster print. Whether you are a Marvel fan or a DC comics fan, be loud and proud and show off your inner geek with this poster quote. This quote wall art can sit proudly in your living room, bedroom, hallway – wherever you want to put it! Know a comic geek – why not gift them the perfect present. Wall art prints are the gift that lasts a lifetime.


poster quotes


Question 3. Do you prefer a formal or relaxed living room?

  1. Formal
  2. Relaxed and a bit formal
  3. Relaxed


Question 4. What style of bedroom appeals to you the most?

  1. Clean, white, neutral accessories
  2. Luxurious with opulent and sumptuous accessories
  3. Modern, light, airy with bright and contemporary accessories


And so Together They Built a Life They Loved Wall Art 02

If you are looking for wall quotes for bedroom, then this is lovely poster quote is the one. This quote wall art will make the perfect stylish and romantic black and white wall art choice for your home. This poster quote can be used in any room of any house, flat or home office to give it the finishing touch.


word art print

Question 5. How would you describe your personal style?

  1. Chic, elegant and neutral pallets
  2. Classic comfort and casual basics
  3. Bright, vivid and practical


Question 6. What light fixture appeals to you?

  1. Curved shapes, clean lines and a soft glow
  2. Sumptuous and majestic chandeliers or chandelier inspired
  3. Geometric, art deco and uber contemporary


Carpe Diem 

Carpe diem – meaning seize the day, is a great little saying and a very popular motivational saying, which is why we had to add it to our poster quote collection. This inspirational wall art is the ideal quote wall art to have in the kitchen, hallway or living room. This stylish little reminder is the perfect addition for your office wall art too.


word art print



Question 7. What art do you have currently in your home?

  1. Black and white prints/very little/bare walls
  2. Traditional oil paintings, ornate artwork, art deco inspired prints
  3. Modern art, Matisse paintings, animal art and/or quirky quotes


Netflix and Chill

If you’ve got a movie room, theatre room or a den this poster quote is a must have! This Netflix and chill will also make a fabulous quote print ideal for living room wall art or a living room print and would also make a good word art print gift.


quotes prints


Question 8. Out of the following colours which is your favourite

  1. Ivory and navy – so chic and never goes out of style
  2. Khaki, deep red, jewel inspired colours and earthy pallets – practical and classic
  3. Bright blue or red and yellow - All the colours of the rainbow and more


Easy like Sunday Morning

A relaxing poster quote is ideal in a home that is always rushed off their feet. Keep a constant reminder with this classic and stylish inspirational wall art. The black and White quote is ideal for the kitchen or living room or even as a hallway wall art reminding every one to really take it easy! This quote wall art will also make a great gift too.


art for home

Question 9. How do you feel about patterns?

  1. No patterns please
  2. Patterns on accessories or floors/walls
  3. I like patterns everywhere


Question 10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

  1. Denmark or Japan
  2. British countryside
  3. Paris, Bali or Palm springs


Love Poster 05

Everyone needs a love poster in their home and this flamboyant and showy black and white print is the picture-perfect option. This poster quote is incredibly versatile and can be used in any room of any house whether its kitchen wall art, bedroom wall, office wall art or even a gift wall art!


love poster


Mostly A’s

If you answered mostly A’s then you are true minimalist at heart, you love clean lines, unfussy shapes, uncluttered, no frills and no fuss style. Clean, white and fairly bare with lots of light and space. Your go to for inspiration is monochrome pallets, mirror, granite, marble, stone and natural fibres mixed with minimal pattern or colour.

We recommend our Ampersand

Go simple and understated with this ampersand wall art, this classic black and white print will give the classic finish to a living room, kitchen or bedroom. This minimalist art print is the ideal gift choice to those that like an uncluttered and effortless feel to their home décor.

art posters

 Our customers say

“Fab company and products. Really nice quality and great customer service.”


Mostly B’s

If you answered mostly B’s then you a true traditionalist, you are down to earth and you love anything that is functional and practical. You are also drawn to regal and warm colours, textured and patterned accessories and colour although muted is varied. Your inspiration is all things British or natural, be it the sea, sand, moors or grass.

We recommend our Highland Cow Wall Art 02

Lounging Highland cow is a visually artistic and subtle black and white wall art to add to your collection. This Highland cow print is the ideal choice for wall décor or art for home and will add the perfect finishing touch to a kitchen, living room wall art or bedroom. This animal print would also make a great gift for friends or family.


highland cow print


Our customers say


“Great item at a reasonable price, delivered quickly with good communication at every stage. Hard to criticise anything.”


Mostly C’s

If you answered mostly C’s then your interior style is eclectic, vibrant, contemporary and full of quirky statement pieces. You tend to veer towards mixing vintage with modern, home made with designer, patterns with checks, fluorescents with natural fibres! Contrast is your thing and that is what makes you and your home so unique.

We recommend either our Fashion Chose Moi 01

Whether you are a fashionista or you know one this fashion wall art is the ideal trendy poster quote for their bedroom wall art or for their first home. Be minimalist, cool and oh so chic with this black and white wall art.


fashion wall prints


We also recommend our Choose Happy Wall Art 01 

Keep spirits high and smiles going in your home with this lovely inspirational wall art. This poster quote will be a positive reminder to your home and those that live in it to choose happy. Motivational wall art is a must in a home and this stunning black and white wall print won’t disappoint.

printable wall art

Our customers say

“Ordered and delivered in 2 days. Great quality, great price and quick delivery. Excellent all round!



In conclusion

This quiz was created as a little bit of fun and to help you find the ideal wall printables for your home. We are truly devoted to helping our customers find what suits them. We know our homewares products the best and love each unique design. We believe that we have a perfect piece of home art or two for each of our customers and customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

We have so many more styles of wall art prints to choose from, for example, we have black and white wall art, love wall art, word art print and poster quotes, nursery prints and kid wall art, minimalist art prints, animal wall prints and modern wall art plus so much more. Whatever your interior style is, here at DEMI+CO we offer high quality, gorgeous art for home.

If you require further guidance or have any questions, please get in touch via email or our social media channels.

We love receiving your feedback on our service and products. What we do is everything to us, but it means so much to us to hear that you love DEMI+CO too. We do feel an immense amount of pride when we get fab reviews from our customers it validates the hard work we put in and makes us do a little happy dance each time. So thank you!


“Very helpful, polite and prompt with a reply to a query, good service.”



Stay in Bed 01

No one wants bare walls! Add a quirky wall art print to complete the look of your room with this cheeky Stay in Bed bedroom wall art. Not that any of us needs an excuse but we do need a little reminder and what better way than with this cute poster print.

minimalist art prints


Once Someone Touches your Hear their Fingerprints will Last Forever 02

This heartfelt quote has such depth and emotion and will make a beautiful addition to your wall art collection. Whether you have it as bedroom wall art, nursery wall art or even as a gift this poster quote will be admired by all that see it.


nursery prints

Never Go To Bed Angry 1

Add the finishing touch to your walls with this word art print, a perfect choice for a bedroom wall art or any room wall art. This classic black and white quote print would also make a lovely gift.


poster quotes



 Wall Art Prints: FAQ's 

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