novembre 17, 2020

Are you fed up with skimming through stylish pictures of interiors on Pinterest? Are you fed up with looking at glamourous homes in interior magazines or can’t stand the thought of venturing to that well know blue and yellow home store?

Well…we may have a fool proof way and may we call it the easy way to getting your home glam, stylish with your own personal stamp without it costing the earth.

What’s the catch? Well there isn’t one, by the time you have read this post not only will you armed with all the knowledge and tips you need to make your house and rooms look divine, but you will hopefully have a list of things that you need (that you can get from us 😊) to get you started on making your interiors the best ever!

We at DEMI+CO have put together a list of all the questions you could think of about interiors, wall art, paintings, word art prints and added our research, knowledge and a few suggestions to help you along your way. Before you think oh gosh is this going to be the run of the mill advice that will make my home look the same as everyone else...well no! We believe in being quirky and embracing it, we believe in mixing styles, antique with high street, fashion wall art to animal prints and more juxtaposing all the things you like in a way that makes it you – in a way that only YOU can do it!

So, whether you are decorating, re decorating, gifting or you are thinking about adding some personality in to your rooms or house look no further than below and let us know how you get on!  


Highland Cow Wall Art 02

Lounging Highland cow is a visually artistic and subtle black and white wall art to add to your collection. This Highland cow print is the ideal choice for wall décor or art for home and will add the perfect finishing touch to a kitchen, living room wall art or bedroom. This animal print would also make a great gift for friends or family.


animal wall art
  1. How can I make my house more luxurious?

There are many ways to make your home more glamourous and luxe looking. If opulent is more your style, then here are our top tips to getting a high end feel to your home:

  • Vintage style wallpaper, or a vintage antique ornament
  • Create a stylish mini bar
  • Go for a longer length and lavish looking curtains
  • Get a vintage style wall print or word art for your walls
  • Create a stylish book corner or library
  1. How do I make my house look elegant on a budget?

    • Elegance can be achieved in any home; elegance can be created on a budget and is ultimately a pared back version of your taste + classic items + house characteristics = elegance. Here are our top tips:
  • Either create or enhance your Crown Moulding this will add so much character and elegance to your home
  • Fresh coat of paint will instantly add elegance, choose a colour pallet that is simple and muted, make sure you pay homage to the current interiors and style of your house and its characteristics
  • Pillows and throws can instantly add a touch of elegance, go for a mix of plain and patterned which compliment your seating arrangement
  • Window Treatments, whether you go for curtains, floor length blinds, shutters or shades do take in to account practical elements such as how much light a room gets and the size of the room too/
  • Hardwood is preferred over carpet to give your home elegance but a rug or two can also add extra opulence especially statement rugs that complement the décor and colour pallet
  • Accessorize a mixture of antique, modern and minimal pieces will be the finishing touch to any room


Simple and understated with this ampersand wall art, this classic black and white print will give the classic finish to a living room, kitchen or bedroom. This minimalist art print is the ideal gift choice to those that like an uncluttered and effortless feel to their home décor.

black and white wall art

  1. How can I modify a room without painting?

  • Create a feature wall with some statement wallpaper, this will instantly elevate the room
  • Temporary adhesive wallpaper is a great option, you peel and stick the wallpaper and it is easy to buy online and available at specialty DIY shops
  • Fabric is also a great way of adding some colour and personality to a room either paste it on with liquid starch or add a pop of colour with fabric wrapped around a wooden frame or insulation sheets which will give you light but bright wall hanging
  • Wall art, poster quotes and word prints are another great way to add a pop of personality without having to go near a paint brush, whether you prefer quotes, or black and white prints to animal prints we have a wide range you can get from us
  1. How do I find good wall art?

There are many places to find good wall art prints, our suggestions are to think about your colour scheme in your room/house and then venture online to see if poster quotes are more you thing, or if fashion wall art or black and white wall art is more suitable and then ensure the company has good reviews and various options for print and then you are good to go!

Carpe Diem 

Carpe diem – meaning seize the day, is a great little saying and a very popular motivational saying, which is why we had to add it to our poster quote collection. This inspirational wall art is the ideal quote wall art to have in the kitchen, hallway or living room. This stylish little reminder is the perfect addition for your office wall art too.

quote wall art

  1. Should you put art on every wall?

    • This very much depends on your room size, what you already have in the room accessories wise.
    • If you have for example a large house with high ceilings and long walls then you can put art on every wall, possibly even two to three but if you have a smaller house, with shorter walls and lower ceilings then prints on just one wall per room may suit.
  2. How much of a wall should art cover?

  • This again depends on the size of the room, size of the walls and your style but ideally anything between two thirds to three fourths of your wall space

     7. What kind of art should I put in my living room?

  • There is a degree of flexibility when it comes to living room wall art, you can have something that has a lot of colour, brightness and abstract or you can go for a more soothing landscape or even calming quotes that resonate with you and your home
Love 05

Everyone needs a love poster in their home and this flamboyant and showy black and white print is the picture-perfect option. This word art print is a very feminine and glamourous, it would be the ideal finishing touch for a bedroom or as living room wall art.  

love poster

  1. Does Wall art have to match?

    • In general, our advice is no, your wall art doesn't need to be the same colour pallet as you wall, sofa, or any other item in the room. Black and white art looks great in any room, poster quotes and scenic landscape prints are classic and timeless and look great in most rooms.
  2. How big should my wall art be?

    • The one thing to remember is wall art should enhance your room not steal the show, use black spaces as a way to enrich what is already in the room which means you don’t need to fill every wall space with pictures. Empty wall space can be used as a crucial element to add to your décor.
  3. What kind of art can you hang in a bathroom?

    • Practicality wise ensure you go for protected prints that are behind glass, or frames with a sealed back due to the moisture that resides in a bathroom.
    • Classic or minimalist prints work great for bathroom wall art, also cheeky word prints and animal wall art can work too.

Get Naked 01

This cheeky little word art print is a little bit tongue in cheek and a little bit of fun. A great print as a bedroom posters or bathroom, a great way to add a bit of style and fun to bare walls! 

 word art print

  1. Which art is good for bedroom?

    • Bedroom wall art definitely needs a more subtle and calming wall art prints, minimal art prints, black white wall art and motivational wall art will work perfectly.
    • If choosing coloured wall art go for relaxing and muted colours such as lighter shades of blue, purple, grey and whites

Netflix and Chill Poster Quote

If you’ve got a movie room, theatre room or a den this poster quote is a must have! This Netflix and chill will also make a fabulous quote print ideal for living room wall art or a living room print and would also make a good word art print gift.

 living room wall art

  1. How do I display paintings in my house?

    • When hanging art keep the centre of your piece below 60 inches from the floor. For paintings or other works that are too tall to hang on a centre line, it often works to place them around 15 inches off of the floor
  2. Can you mix art styles in a room?

    • Yes, if you are looking to add a stylish jolt in to any room mixing old with new, vintage with modern always works best. From modern wall art to vintage paintings or modern sculptures with antique drinks cabinet, combining the two elements will drastically improve the look of your room and raise your style stakes!
  3. How should I arrange my paintings on the wall?

    • Always use one large piece or several small pieces that appear as a set
    • Remember to always take in to account the size of a wall, choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger canvas wall art pieces for big walls
    • Arrange pictures on a wall before putting hammer to nail. Lay everything out on a table or on the floor to make sure you like the way the pieces look together

Let’s Get Comfy

An ideal poster quote for living room wall art or bedroom wall art this art print makes a lovely finishing touch. Have a lovely reminder to get nice and cosy in your own house, flat or abode, be it home or away.

wall quotes for bedroom

  1. How do I display art without frames?

    • Washi Tape is a great craft material originated in Japan and comes in all kinds of amazing colours and patterns. The tape can be used on the edges of the print to give a temporary frame that can be mixed and matched to suit your room
    • Clipboards are an incredibly unique and artistic way to display wall art prints, choose quirky clipboards that compliment your print and room
    • Strings and clips are a great temporary way to hang wall art and word prints and easy to move and adjust too
    • Skirt Hangers are another great way to display your motivational wall art, ensure they are metal hangers to give it that polished and artistic look
  2. Can you mix abstract and traditional art?

    • Yes, you can mix the two, they do so in art galleries so why not? Abstract artworks play nicely with other genres, from traditional landscapes to portrait prints, so don't hesitate to incorporate them into a new or existing gallery wall.
  3. How do you arrange two paintings on a wall?

    • Despite the traditional guidelines for interior design, the most important rule of thumb is to do what looks best to you.
    • Hang the pictures side by side to help lengthen a narrow room

And so Together They Built a Life They Loved Wall Art 02

If you are looking for wall quotes for bedroom, then this is lovely poster quote is the one. This quote wall art will make the perfect stylish and romantic black and white wall art choice for your home. This poster quote can be used in any room of any house, flat or home office to give it the finishing touch.

 poster quotes

  1. How do you hang wall art without nails?

If you're worried about using nails on your walls, here are five ways you can hang artwork in your home without using nails.

  • Use removable adhesive hooks and strips.
  • Hang artwork from your moulding
  • Make good use of your mantel
  • Bookshelves aren't just for books they are great places to home art and wall prints
  • Don't be afraid to pull out an easel.

Choose Happy Wall Art 01 

Keep spirits high and smiles going in your home with this lovely inspirational wall art. This poster quote will be a positive reminder to your home and those that live in it to choose happy. Motivational wall art is a must in a home and this stunning black and white wall print won’t disappoint.

kitchen wall art

  1. How do you show motivational quotes?

The best way to show motivational quotes is to have them as prints and dot them around your house from your hallway, bedroom wall print, kitchen wall art and living room word print

  1. What is the best motto?

    • A motto can provide a bracing shot of inspiration.
    • "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
    • “One person can make a difference.”
    • "Keep your eyes on the prize."
    • “Every day is a second chance.”
    • "Tomorrow is another day."

Fashion Chose Moi 01

Whether you are a fashionista or you know one this fashion wall art is the ideal trendy poster quote for their bedroom wall art or for their first home. Be minimalist, cool and oh so chic with this black and white wall art.

fashion wall art

  1. Can you hang two identical pictures on the same wall?

    • Yes, you can as long as you have the space for it and as long as it goes with the style of the room.
    • The best way to do this is to choose a good location and ensure that there is a decent space between them that’s not too close or too wide apart
    • You can hang them side-by-side or on the outside of a key piece of furniture or other home accent. When hanging two pictures next to each other
    • Just always be sure to take some measurements first
  2. What is line art called?

Line art is called line art, it consists of a distinctive straight or curved line placed against a plain background that usually represents two or three dimensional shapes

Stay in Bed 01

No one wants bare walls! Add a quirky wall art print to complete the look of your room with this cheeky Stay in Bed bedroom wall art. Not that any of us needs an excuse but we do need a little reminder and what better way than with this cute poster print.

bedroom wall art

  1. How can I turn a photo in to a line drawing?

Ask us, we can help! If you have a photo email it across to us either through the website or at and we will pass it on to our art team

  1. How do I choose the right art for my room?

    • Selecting Wall Art by Colour
    • Your most significant piece of artwork should have a background colour that matches your wall colour.
    • Reference the colour wheel when selecting complementary shades.
    • Use the same colour but in different shades.
    • Only choose wall art if that exact shade that is already in your room or a lighter or slightly darker shade that complements the room

Never Go To Bed Angry 1

Add the finishing touch to your walls with this word art print, a perfect choice for a bedroom wall art or any room wall art. This classic black and white quote print would also make a lovely gift.

bedroom wall art

  1. How can I decorate my nursery walls without painting?

  • Get creative with pictures, hangings and nursery wall hangings
  • Get some wall art prints or poster quotes suitable for a nursery not only will the black and white print be something that fascinates your little one but also they are great reminders for those late night feeds

Once Someone Touches your Hear their Fingerprints will Last Forever 02

This heartfelt quote has such depth and emotion and will make a beautiful addition to your wall art collection. Whether you have it as bedroom wall art, nursery wall art or even as a gift this poster quote will be admired by all that see it.

nursery wall art 


We hope that this blog post on wall art print, interior décor ideas and art paintings has given you some food for thought. We did promise an array of information that will get you thinking and ideas that are not run of the mill – in fact unique suggestions filled with new ideas and suggestions. Whether its finding an art print that suits your home or decorating your living room without painting or personalising your bedroom or adding that artistic touch to any room in your house.

We have thoroughly researched home décor ideas and tips, looked at new products and trends on the market at home and internationally as well asked our team members to really put together a conclusive guide to help you. After all no one wants a pretentious house that is all style and no substance you need personalisation and quirkiness so that it is more your home and less show home! That is also where we come in to play as experts on wall art prints we pride ourselves on our collection from nursery prints, bedroom wall art, modern wall art, black and white wall art to cheeky word prints and motivational wall art we have it! And…if that’s not all – if there is something you’d like us to do or something personal you would like for yourself then get in touch we may just be able to help you.



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