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Florence wooden jewellery case


This intricate and stunning jewellery box is expertly designed with acute attention to detail and a genius design which means that you can store an immense amount of jewellery neatly and cleverly. With up to 4 drawers, 2 sliding compartments which reveal a secret compartment, 2 outer compartments that open out and a mirror, this jewellery box is the solution to all your jewellery storage needs. Made with quality wood, wooden handles, and gold details this jewellery case would be the perfect addition to your dresser.

- Lid opens to reveal a large mirror
- 1st layer can be divided in to 2 sections one is rolls for ring storage and the other is for beads and smaller items. (8.27L*7.48W*1.38 inches)
- Underneath those sections is a deeper compartmented layer this can be accessed by sliding the first ring roll and bead compartment sections apart. This is a deep storage is divided in to 9 compartments
- The 2nd drawer pulls out with 6 compartments for smaller items such as earrings, beads, or broaches (8.27L*7.48W*1.38 inches)
- The 3rd drawer pulls out and has 4 compartments
- The 4th drawer pulls out and has no compartments ideal for storing larger pieces of jewellery like bracelets and or watches
- Each side of the jewellery box opens up for more jewellery storage, one side has 11 hooks to hang and neatly store necklaces and bracelets, the second one has 4 wood splints with holes to hang longer and larger earrings
- Carefully packed in a Styrofoam box to protect your item
- Material: Wood and velvet
- Size 30*20.5*27.5 CM(LxWxH)